Most of the teaching jobs now in China would prefer a native English speaker, so you might be trying your best to find a job which can accept European candidates. We have a good chance to explore your options in Yunfu, Guangdong province.


Yunfu is a famous "stone kingdom" in China, known as "stone capital" and "hometown of sugar and orange". Yunfu, the prosperous city is located in the west of Guangdong province, bordering Zhaoqing and Maoming. And is also a national garden city with an exceptional ecological environment. The forest coverage rate is 67.05%. The water quality of Yunfu section of Xijiang River is above class II all year round, and the air quality rate is 92.3%.


Pan Long cave is one of the most famous places in Yunfu. It has experienced more than 170 million years of gradual formation of secondary caves. The most peculiar are the clusters of stone flowers growing on the wall of the cave. This is the scene of three Pan Longdong scenic spot. The only one in China is Yunfu Panlong cave. The stone flowers in Panlong cave are crystal clear and exquisite. It is pure and flawless, with thousands of forms, including needles, spheres, curls, radials and thousands more.


Living in Yunfu, you can also travel to Zhaoqing and Maoming, which is well worth doing. There are many famous places in Zhaoqing, like Seven-star Rocks scenic spot which has more than 1000 years history and Musical Fountain in Paifang Square where you can spend your happy evening there, you will be able to enjoy the music and Square Dancing. In nearby Maoming city, there are a lot of fruits in summer, Longan, Lichee and San Huali. You can also travel Fangji Island, a fantastic beach on an Island off the South Coast which is The Best Beach in China.


Last but not least, I hope you won't miss these yummy foods in Yunfu if you live there: Xijiang River fresh fish, Tea Cave Toufu, Fried Chicken, Braised Catfish with sour bamboo shoots, Roast Chicken, Wrapped Steamed Dumplings, Spare Ribs, Fish in Luoding, Preserved Plum and Bean Drum Chicken...


There is really endless scenery and delicious food in Yunfu. If you want to enjoy life and be with nature, Yunfu is a good choice for you to work here. Here I've added a unique opportunity to teach English at a foreign language primary school in Yunfu.

Job Description:

*Teach English, Math and Science

*You are required to teach primary school

*The students age are from 7-12 years old

*Work visa is provided

*Free accommodation is provided

*Flight allowance is provided after you finish one year contract

*Arrival Support is provided


For more details and if you are interested in this job, please send me your resume and recent photo, then we will contact you back to help or you can view more details via

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