Located on a small area of land just a few miles across a stone throw away from Zhuhai's border with China, Macau is packed with top-end super casinos, featuring big names from Vegas including Wynn, Venetian, City of Dreams, Lisboa, MGM and a whole selection of other super-casinos all ultra-modern, trendy venues for those who enjoy the tables, want to give it a go and/or those who wish to dine in luxury and enjoy ultimate in first-class service and quality of life.

Macau used to be owned by the Portuguese and in recent years has been returned to China. As gambling is illegal in mainland China, and gambling being to popular in the mainland, has encouraged incredible interest in this small area of land.

There are nearly 100 casinos in Macau and the most famous ones are the Venetian, MGM, Grand Lisboa, The Wynn, City of Dreams and many others.

They all offer free drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic all night. We recommend starting your night at the City of Dreams with an hour or two of craps. You sometimes need to send a member of your team out to get a waitress and bring her to the table if you want quick service! We highly recommend ordering 2 or 3 drinks per person per time and find multiple waitresses to serve you as they usually take a long time to bring the drinks.

Spending 1000HKD on the craps is an excellent start and sometimes you can knock it up to several thousand HKD on in just 1 hour if you're lucky! After a light dabble with the craps we recommend a game of Baccarat. Although a little pricey (500HKD minimum per bet) a good amount of Gin and the right mix of local Chinese company and you have yourself a wonderfully, loud, eventful evening.

The important thing to note is to find a Baccarat table where you can "Squeeze" the cards, this means the player and banker (which can both be members of the table, not necessarily just Player vs Casino) and you get the two cards face down. Rolling slowly from the corner which doesn't display the number adds to the fun as you start to notice the card symbols coming up, closer to the corner means higher the number, but you don't really want a picture card or a 10. 9 is the lucky number in this game!

After a dabble on the tables, Keep to your budget, no more than 2000-3000HKD we recommend. Then it's time to go upstairs to Cubic Club around 2, or 3AM. The cover is 250HKD but it's a blast of a night. Our favourite in Macau.


Tips: Take a bus from your home city to Zhuhai, Gong Bei (Or the high speed train from Guangzhou South). If you are in Shenzhen, we recommend taking the boat.

When you pass through customs in Macau get on the casino busses, they are always free. Remember, The Venetian, City of Dreams, Galaxy are on the other side of the island and MGM Grand, Wynn, Grand lisboa will take you to the near side of the island. Both locations are about 60HKD taxi fare apart.


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