There are a number of great venues in Suzhou with nightclubs, super cheap drinks and fun, eventful happenings all night long.

With many international and local clubs and bars, the Suzhou nightlife is welcoming and great fun for foreigners whether you're just visiting or living in Suzhou.


Our Recommendations:-

Dream Hollywood

A Great place to end up after an evening on the Shiquan bar street. Dream hollywood has a range of DJ's so you'll never get bored of the music and some nights there's an open bar. We recommend sending your drink back on these nights though as they'll definately need to add more alcohol.

Address: 777 Shiquan St., Canglang District, Suzhou ???777?
Telephone: 0512-65107611

Pravda Club
With a trendy and selected clientele, the Pravda Nightclub is recognized as one of the most famous and stylish club of Suzhou. You will discover a festal atmosphere where Western and Chinese people partying together.
Every time imagine and produce innovative event, and make you live the best clubbing experience.

Address: ?LigongDi 1912 Bar Street, Suzhou Industrial Park,Xing Zhou Rd.
Opening Hours:
Wednesday (Only Special Party) - Friday - Saturday
10:00pm - 04:00am
Phone:  150 5155 8248

Boiling 100°C

A crazy place open until the early hours. Abundance of alcohol and events all night long. Laser, smoke, they've got everything there.

Address: 218 Zhuhui Road, Canglang District, Suzhou ???218? ??????
Hours: 8pm - 4:30am
Telephone: 0512 6526 1999

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