We at Find Work Abroad are proud to offer a selection of great summer camps every year starting Mid-July to End of August. 

Summer Camps generally run 3-6 weeks and pay from 5000-15000RMB for the total time, usually including accommodation. 

Teaching English on a Summer camp in China is lighthearted and fun offering valuable international and cultural experience in the worlds largest economy.


Daily Schedule

Expect to start teaching around 8:30AM, with warm-up class activities songs and games. You'll be off for lunch around 11, starting again at 2:30 – 5pm.

Generally, 1 hour of English class is scheduled per day, while the rest are English based lessons, usually Art, PE, Drama and activity based classes. 

There is usually a trip at the end of the summer camp to the Zoo or Park.



Age is important, especially if you have no teaching experience. For Summer camps 18-30 years old is generally the limit. A BA Degree is not required although you'll need to be a Native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia.

You'll also need enough cash to pay for your visa, flights and living costs during the camp. An apartment is usually offered so you'll need around 500GBP for flights, 100GBP for your visa and other costs totaling around 1000GBP. Your salary is paid at the end of the camp.


When to apply

May or June every year are the best times to apply for Summer Camps teaching English in China.

You should prepare a well-formatted CV outlining any work with Children, Teaching related or Activity based work which may be applied to teaching in a Summer camp.


How to apply

Please apply online at: http://china.findworkabroad.com/apply complete our online application form and add on the additional information you are interested in Summer camps. Please make sure you upload a photo, other documents requested are not required. You may leave them blank.


For further inquiries please call: +86(0)20-37303381 during the hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Fri.

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