Why do you want to teach English in China?

As one of the four oldest countries in the world, China is well-known for its prolonged civilization and cultural heritages. With the implementation of the open and reform policy in China, an increasing number of expats around the world want to visit China to explore its mystery.

Simultaneously, in China, English has been a compulsive course and very important subject from kindergartens through colleges, which leads a great need of licensed teachers and ESL teachers out there.

So it can yet be regarded as a good choice for you guys to teach English in China.

1. The traditional culture is deep and profound

China is famous for its profound and unique national culture and many a tourists are attracted to traveling, working even dwelling in China. What is most known to us may be the Chinese Kungfu, Chinese paintings or cultural heritages like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square.

Different culture sites are spreading all around the country. Every city in China has their cultural characteristics, so wherever you are, you can enjoy diverse culture. You can invite your colleagues or friends you have already known here to show you around.

So if you are interested in ancient culture, China will be one of the best choices you could make.

2. Unique Language skills

Before you come to China you may think Chinese all speak Mandarin or Cantonese. Actually, there is an uncountable number of dialects in China. Even Cantonese is one the most difficult local languages.

When you are traveling or working in one place in China, you can learn some interesting dialect of that place and try to imitate the accent. You will find how much fun it would be and many language skills can be learned in it.

If you have any trouble in learning the language, you can politely ask the local people, your students or colleagues to do you a favor. Chinese people are really nice.

Learning some mandarin or other local languages will bring you with unexpected benefits when you are new here and sets you out from the crowd on your C.V. for future job prospects at home or overseas.

3. The students are cute and sincere

Most part of the students are cute, enthusiastic and humorous. They really behave well in class and always show their enthusiasm while answering your questions.

Although most students consider “class of foreign teachers” as an opportunity to relax themselves from the pressure of other classes. However students do not tend to refrain from discipline, are still attentive, and appreciative of the chance to communicate with a foreigner, its common to play some games with students when teaching and offering a comfortable, open feel for students to communicate in English.

I also find they are really interested in the culture and national customs of your country, even want you to tell them everything by spending the whole class. When Chinese teachers' day is coming, they will also prepare some exquisite presents for you to express their sincerity and appreciate.


4. New career opportunity

If you are interested in teaching or want to try teaching, you can choose to develop your career in China to see if teaching comes up to your hunch. It is also a good chance to improve your teaching skill especially when you are in a total challenging country faced with a group of students whose learning thoughts are completely different from western students.

The high salary and warm-heart students and colleagues will support you if you are willing to accept the challenge.

5. The food is incredible

There are eight major components of Chinese cuisine in China, including cuisines of Sichuan, Shanghai, Cantonese, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hunan and Anhui. And the cooking methods can be divided into frying, steaming, braising, stewing.

Hot pot, Beijing Roast Duck, Kung Pao chicken, Cantonese morning tea, Chinese dumplings, I'm sure you have heard a lot about these Chinese typical cuisines.

So you will have an incredibly amazing tour on tasting all kinds of food from different cuisines.

6. Travel opportunities a’plenty!

As the third biggest country in the world, splendid and gorgeous natural and human landscapes are abundant around the country.

Moreover, there has been a very comprehensive transportation system in China such as the world-class high-speed trains, developed airplane lines, with motor stations, bus stops and train stations throughout the country.

What is more important is that if you teach in China, there will be one-to-two-month summer and winter holidays. Then the holidays can be well-arranged to enjoy yourself. The cost of transportation is between 5 and 10x cheaper than Europe or USA.

Last note:

Teaching English in China at least will not be a bad choice, if you really enjoy teaching and love adventure and challenge. So, just have a try, and good luck!

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