Pingyao Ancient City is one of the four most well-preserved Ming and Qing urban planning and architecture areas, which was built during the period of Xizhou King Xuan and is also one of the ancient cities that have declared as world cultural heritage.


Scenic spots recommended in Ping Yao Ancient City

1. Ping Yao Ancient Wall

Ping Yao ancient wall is approximately 6 kilometers long and was constructed in the Ming dynasty, it is basically keeping the shape and structure of the early Ming Dynasty.


Ping Yao ancient city was encircled by the wall, and there are 6 gates along it. You can go up and down the wall through the South gate or North gate, there is one thing to mention is that the administrator of the ancient city will change the times when gates are open, check the day notices for more information.


It takes 4 hours to walk around the ancient city along the wall, when you stand at the ancient wall, it displays magnificent scenery that you can see the observation holes, perforations, stacks, iron cannons and other defensive facilities on the top of the wall; you can also see the daily life scenes of the citizens living in the ancient city, the housewives airing clothes, the smoke from kitchen chimneys, it seems like a picturesque mix.


If you would like to take a photo on the wall, dusk is a prefect time to do it. But note that it gets dark quickly in winter and be sure to go ahead with plenty of time.




2. The Ancient country government

Ping Yao ancient country government is in the centre of Ping Yao Ancient City, it is the most popular scenic spot in Ping Yao country, with an area of more than 26,000 square meters and a 600-year history.

As one of the four well-keep ancient country governments and the biggest structure in China, you can see a prison there, covering a very small area, dungeons, water dungeons, special prisons for the heavily punished prisoners, and of course, the indispensable death prison. All in all, prisoners in the death prison have few days to live, so death prison is very luxurious!


The government office is the most interesting, people are always attracted by the antique interrogation of prisoners at the regular times of the day. The office was divided into three rooms, the left room is cold and quiet, only has a few weapons there; the right one exhibits official clothes of the Ming and Qing dynasty, from the lowest level to the noble level; the middle room is the place where the country magistrate interrogates prisoners.


When you step in the Ping Yao Ancient City, it seem like walking into a huge historical and cultural museum, with more than 2,700 years history. You can real feel the cultural features and the unique charming of the traditional residential buildings.


How to get to Ping Yao Ancient City

By Plane: take a plane to Taiyuan Airport, then go to Ping Yao country by train or by coach, it normally takes one and half hour to two hours to arrive.

By train: you can take the train to Pingyao railway station directly, it is only 300 meters away from the Ping Yao Ancient City.


Ping Yao Ancient City is not the only scenic spot in Shanxi Province, they are many wonderful places such as Wutai mountain, Yungang Grottotes, Qiao's Grand Courtyard and Imperial.




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