Zhuhai nightlife is great fun, with an enjoyable selection of international clubs and many chinese clubs, nights are always full of surprises and you'll appreciate the reasonable price for drinks (if you get to the bar without being offered a free drink from a local!).

A night in Zhuhai is unique compared to Guangzhou or Shenzhen. With a strong chinese influence you can get away with having a great time for free with the locals. Local chinese in Zhuhai enjoy drinking and dancing with foreigners and you can really have a good time.

It's worth making friends with locals in the bars/clubs and they will generally show you to other local popular nightclubs you won't necessarily find online yet.


Our Recommendations

The One ??????

For a night to remember The One Bar and Club is where it's happening. Located at the Bar Street it's a great location.

Clubbing in the one, Zhuhai: deltabridges

Address: Zhuhai City, Gong Bei Shui Wan Road, Bar Street ???????????
Telephone?0756-8889923 8879667
Name in Chinese?THEONE??????
We Chat Id?theone8889923


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