You just got an English job online, everything looks fairly good….

However, there is a small trouble that you don't possess a degree, which is listed in the job requirements. So will you continue to struggle for the opposition or just let it go? That will be up to you.

Is a degree really needed to teach English online?

Well, frankly speaking, if you have a degree that would be best. If not, it's OK and don't worry too much. Actually, the chances to teach English online are still offered a lot even if you don’t hold a degree. Teaching English online also can be well-paid without holding a degree, instead a clear, easy to understand native level English accent is paramount.

Here we also list some online English teaching institutions without a mandatory degree for you as a comparative reference: Cambly, SayABC, Tutoring Lab, Magic Ears, Qkids, Open English.

If the solution mentioned above about the problem doesn't satisfy you and you still cannot decide whether you're qualified to teach English online without a degree or not. Here I also summarize some cases where you are expected to have a try to apply for an online English teaching job that looks so awesome but it seems unlikely to get.


A degree isn’t listed as a requirement.

It is a essential to pay attention to the education part of an online English teaching job description. Most English training institutions will declare a degree on the requirements of education background and teaching experiences.

In addition, it is understandable that some of you guys show less interest in colleges and may be short of money and time. The phenomenon that higher educated people are increasingly unemployed is common, while more and more people cannot afford the higher education. And the reasons are usually nothing about the job they are doing.

So, if a degree isn't mentioned as a compulsive requirements in the recruitment, that will means that you have a big chance to get this job without a degree. In this case you can utilize your other advantageous conditions to win it, like your rich teaching experiences and TEFL.

Your degree isn't in education

When reading job descriptions, you have to make sure that you don't wrongly consider the allowance or accessible requirements such as teaching certificates, as the obligatory requirements. Unexpectedly, your bachelor degree can be a random literal requirement in teaching English online. That means you don't have to major in languages or education.

Of course, there is no wonder that those applicants with qualified certificates will be more popular. But what you just do is to speak English with a native accent and have a degree or higher in any university major.

Teachers with rich teaching experiences who can get along well with both children and grown-ups, will be more advantageous also. But all of these depends on what kind of hiring the companies is looking for.

It is just like teaching English in other countries that it is unnecessary that you must master a second language when doing online English tutoring.

You are studying your degree

Usually you don't have extra time for your part-time jobs when you are studying in colleges, yet kinds of expenses tie together that a time-adjustable job may be a good way to counteract these fees while you're sure you have coordinated the details with colleges and your studying.

If you are looking for a part-time job that can conform to your time schedule and do it at home when you just enter in a college, a number of teaching English online jobs are available for you. Qkids is one of those companies accept college students to teach English online.

Moreover, it will be a great merit for you to apply for a abroad job in the future if you now have some experiences on teaching English online.

You have previous teaching experiences but no degree

If you have enough teaching experience but without a college degree, it's OK because a degree isn't the mandatory requirement in most cases when it comes to online English teaching.

If you can't provide a degree, but you're a very professional teacher in ESL home and abroad, have a sense of business and just want to be in charge of yourself, then you could teach English online as a professional.

In this way you need to do some related research so as to promote your service and obtain your own regular students. With the continuous need of online English teaching, it will be a great business potential to make some achievements in this field, only you can own a stable basis of students.

You have an ESL certificate but no degree

The last point we want to mention is that if you are a native English speaker, but you are short of teaching experiences and a degree to support your applying the jobs of teaching English online, we'll suggest you to get a certificate of TEFL.

A bunch of online TEFL tutoring courses out there, so you can learn by yourself and pass it at your house, like this:

So, are you sure about that now ? If you're ready, here are more online English teaching jobs waiting for you! Just open the link, press the “Ctrl+F” and input the keyword “online English teaching”.

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