Is teaching English in China really suitable for me? I've never taught before and have no teaching experience.


Many potential applicants thinking about teaching English in China do not believe teaching English in China is possible without related qualifications or experience, whats more is if they believe they may try to give it a shot, some believe earning a decent salary and having reasonable hours is not actually possible without experience.


This is not the case, In fact, far from it. Without experience teaching English in China is still very viable and it's standard to earn at least 1,100GBP (Or 1,600USD) per month, usually with free accommodation every month. Although, this may be comparable to your before tax salary back home you should consider the following;


  1. Your income tax is around 3%

  2. There are no NI or Insurance payments to come off your salary

  3. There are no additional taxes on your rent (No council tax if you're from the UK)

  4. Eating out, travel and daily living costs equate to around 10x less than back home

  5. Apartment and rent costs are around 3x less than back home


Disposable income is 60% higher than back home, on average, teaching English in China, even on your first year, you'll find after expenses and going out/recreation expenses you will have 4000-5000RMB per month spare (That's around 550GBP or 800USD) per month.


The experience is worth more than any amount of money, Broadening your experience, learning a new culture and language and living life in a completely different way to what your used to is an invaluable experience, and I'd recommend it for any one. A year teaching english in China will allow you to learn how the other side of the world live, enjoy and experience the fascinating culture, see the wonderful sights, temples and scenery as well as meet some of the worlds most friendly, welcoming people you'd never have the chance to meet anywhere except their home country.


Teaching English in China is awesome, even without experience. So many teachers I speak with, just 2 or 3 weeks into their new teaching career love their children (They are far better behaved than back home) and the classes are fun, full of games and songs and have no reports, or very little paperwork to be completed. Your free time is generally unsupervised and teaching hours only equate to around 20 hours per week monday to friday.


If you'd like to try your options, apply online here: for your free no-obligation consultation to teach English in China.



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