Hong Kong is a small area of land situated on the Southern-eastern corner of the Pearl River Delta. Adjacent to Shenzhen at the North, Zhuhai 45 Minutes by boat and Guangzhou 2 hours by train/bus to the north.

The location of Hong Kong is wonderful for those looking to come to South China area to live and/or work. With Hong Kong just across the water you'll enjoy spending weekends and holidays in the magical and wonderful island of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a unique blend of Cantonese China with British and strong international influence. The island of Hong Kong is now one of the wealthiest cities in the world and is a major player in import/export. Hong Kong is very favourable for international companies and monetary transactions.

Driving on the left with UK road signposts (identical to England with Chinese translations under the english) is a very interesting sight in this part of the world where it seems so distant from our cities back home.

The Hong Kong people are wonderful, with a very good level of English and a helpful and open mind-set the locals are very welcoming to foreign guests. You'll quickly find Hong Kong has much to offer including; Victoria Peak, Happy Valley race course and the various mountains, markets and busy, alive, active way of life here.

From your first visit to Hong Kong you will really enjoy the city and are sure to wish to make regular trips if you are not working in the city.

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