As time goes on, China keeps growing to new heights of success, the China Green Card is becoming more and more familiar for foreigners. It has long been called one of the "the most challenging green cards in the world". For foreigners who want to permanently settle in China and want to know how to get a green card in China, it is possible to find news about the latest Chinese visa application for the "green card", which is about to be released in the coming months. A government official said last week at a meeting of foreign and government officials in Futian District, Shenzhen, that the Ministry of Public Security is currently engaged in modifying the permanent resident status to make it easier to get green cards. If an overseas national would like to emigrate to China, Get a Chinese green card, then How to apply for your Chinese green card? How to get a Chinese Green Card? Who can get Green Card in China? What is the cost of the green card? A great many foreigners are greatly interested in this hot topic.

A green card means a Certificate with an unlimited period of residence in China, or legal identity certificates for foreigners who are eligible for permanent residence in China. In addition, If you would like to apply for the Green Card and You should know the following requirements. Firstly, China Green Card requirements contains that foreigners who want to apply should obey the Chinese law, be healthy and have no criminal records. At the same time, they should be in accord with one of the conditions for china green card requirements as follows:

1. Applicants must invest directly in China for 3 years, with stable investment conditions and a good income record of more than three years.

2. The applicant will need to be the deputy general manager, above functions of the factory director or higher level, an associate professor, or an assistant researcher or above.

3.The applicant has made a vast outstanding contributions to China or meets the special requirements of the Chinese Government.

4. The spouse of the applicant referred to in items first, second and third of this article and a child under the age of 18 may apply.

5. The spouse of Chinese citizens or foreigners who have obtained permanent residence qualification in China shall continue to marry for more than five years and live in China for more than nine months each year, with stable living security and circumstances.

6. Unmarried children under the age of 18 take refuge from their parents.

7.Applicants who do not have immediate family members abroad have taken refuge in their lineal consanguinity in China, aged over 60, and have resided in China beyond nine months a year, with stable living security and living situations. If you meet the requirements of China Green Card, you should be able to get the Green Card more quickly.

Secondly, It is difficult to apply for a Green Card in China and It requires a lot of documents and processing time(est. 1-2 years). And then The current green card of China is divided into four categories: investment personnel, technical personnel, family reunion, special contribution category which is divided into six key kinds of applicants eligible for a Chinese Green Card, including:

  • Investors: Foreigners who invest in China are operating and paying taxes continuously for three consecutive years

  • Professional: Anyone with senior titles (including professors, managers, directors, etc.) has resided in China for at least four years and paid taxes during this period..

  • Outstanding individual: A person who makes a significant and necessary contribution.

  • Spouses: A spouse of either a Chinese citizen or a foreigner with a Green Card. The spouse must marry and live in China for at least five years and live in China for at least nine months. In addition to relationships and residence requirements, both spouses must have a stable income and address.

  • Dependent: A parent under the age of 18 or a parent with a green card.

  • Elderly: people aged 60 and over who have lived in China for at least five years (at least nine months a year) and have a stable income.

Third, When submitting an application, The following documentation is required:

A copy of your passport

  • Clean bill of health certificate

  • Criminal Record Check and verification that you have not been found guilty in China.

  • Four photos of a white background passport.

  • Additional information (family reunion green card)

Last but not least, The application fee for foreigners applying for permanent residence is 1500 yuan ($234.8) per person, and an extra 300 yuan is charged for gaining each Permanent Residence Permit - so the total charge is 1800 yuan.

Applicants already holding the Permit, In case of expiry, data correction, application for updating the Permanent Residence Permit, the holder can apply for a new permit at a cost of 300 yuan; In case of loss or damage, the holder applies for a new one and the charge is 600 yuan.

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