Nanjing offers a range of well-paid options. Although it's a tier 1, major city in China, it's far more modest on prices than the likes of Shanghai or Shenzhen. In Nanjing you can live much more cheaply, similar to the prices of a tier 2 city yet at the same time, with Nanjing's international influence there is an increasing range of international restaurants, bars and clubs all at excellent prices to enjoy your free-time just like back home.


Salary guide:

(20 hrs per week, Mon - Fri): 7,000-10,000RMB /month

Training center
(25 hrs per week, Wed-Sun): 7,000-10,000RMB /month

Part time
150-200RMB /hour


Bus Fare: 1-2RMB (Anywhere in the city)
Taxi Fare: * 5RMB for the flag-down fare
* 2.4RMB per kilometer

Eating out (Chinese restaurant): 10-30RMB / person
Eating out (Foreign restaurant): 50-150RMB // person
Apartment Cost: (Non-Central, 2 bedroom, new) 1,500RMB /month
                           (Central, 2 bedroom, new)     2,500RMB /month


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