Guangzhou is a Tier 1 City in China, this is one of the top 4 prefecture cities in the country alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Guangzhou is a key manufacturing hub and home to some 20 million people.

Guangzhou has developed at an astronomical rate in the past 10 years. The center of the city, Zhujiang new town has been developed from farmland to skyscrapers some 60 storeys high in some cases, scattered with beautiful parks and outstanding lighting displaying an incredible skyline.

Guangzhou is key with manufacturing and has progressed to an important service level city in the central areas. With prices and salaries increasing there is a very prominent foreign crowd with a very wide selection of foreign bars, restaurants and clubs.

Guangzhou's location is wonderful, Hong Kong and Macau are just 1 hour away thanks to the new high speed train. Shenzhen and Zhuhai are also top cities, both unique and home to great places to visit, party and enjoy yourself perhaps on a weekend or holiday.

The culture in Guangzhou is also deep rooted, there are locals dating back many centuries and the history is very interesting. Guangzhou is home to a lot of western buildings dating back many hundreds of years because of the trading between Guangzhou and the rest of the world. Guangzhou is the start of the silk road through central Asia to Europe.

As a first city in China, Guangzhou is an excellent choice for those who want to jump in and go for it. Guangzhou is a very big city though and if you're not used to city life this could be a big jump.

The costs of living in Guangzhou are also getting higher now and you'll find you have less disposable income here compared neighboring to tier 2 cities like Zhuhai, Foshan or Dongguan.


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