With an international manufacture development hub based in Dongguan, China, more and more foreign friends come to this amazing city to enjoy its fabulous nightlife. When darkness falls in the city, people after a long hard-work day head to bars and clubs to experience something new. The same as you guys from abroad. Whether you're working here, just passing by or going on a business, you’ll have a great time at these fun-packed bars and clubs.

Ultima Club

This club has been noted as the largest show-time club across Southeast Asia, where you can enjoy a series of wonderful shows updated every day with various performances, like singing, dancing, acrobatics and opusculum. High-quality shows, splendid stage scenery and lighting......You will be totally intoxicated in the atmosphere and relax yourself well.

Level: ?????

Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Address: No.162 South Kangle Road, Houjie Town


BB Club

Noted for an international fashion style, BB club usually assembles a large group of young people from home and abroad. What is the most attractive is the high-quality music and luxury design. A lot of pretty boys and girls are gathering here to release themselves.

Level: ????

Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Address: No.B1 Dongcheng Bar Street

37°2TOP Club

This club has been considered as the busiest club in Dongguan, with the hottest dancer girls, hospitable barmen and wonderful performances. You can just swing with the music and live it up!

Level: ????

Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Address: South China Mall F1, No. 10 Wanjiang Road South, Wanjiang District

Feifan Club

Feifan in Chinese means “extraordinary” in English. With a high-end name out there, it also provide drinks and snacks as other pubs but instead of jollification and revelry, its literary style and uniqueness usually draw those people who can really enjoy the taste of life.

Level: ????

Time for service: 20:20-the next 02:00

Address: No.46 Sanfang, Xiabafang, Guantai Avenue

Phu Bar

This place will be a little quieter than other bars with a variety of low-cost drinks. It's suitable for a group of friends to assemble here to drink a fill. What is surprising is that not long ago an increasing number of the elderly came here to enjoy their nightlife. So, you can bring your parents to this club together to find their time when they were young.

Level: ???

Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Address: No.85 Yi'an Street

ROSH Music Bar

Actually, it is a musical restaurant where you can enjoy the music play and the delicious food simultaneously. Designed with a fashion style, the graceful surroundings will relax your heart and soul.

Level: ????

Time for service: 9:00-23:00

Address: F1 Hongfu Building, Hongfu Crossing, Nancheng District

Hostaria Bar

The chef here is an Italian so you can enjoy the real Italian food here. Whatever food or drinks here are with delicate attractive appearance, from which we can see how creative and serious the bar-keeper is. Moreover, many a foreign friends flock together here where just several Chinese friends show up.

Level: ????

Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

Address:No.168 Dongcheng Bar Street

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