With rich international influence (Although not as much as Shenzhen or Guangzhou) Dongguan has some international bars and pubs. There are many Chinese bars and these are always full of people and they are nearly always honoured to have foreigners join them.

In the urban area of Donggan City, the bar street located near the Cultural Square in Dongcheng District is a must if you like rich and colorful nightlife. It is also commended by visitors also for its safe environment at night.

This city is sometimes called the paradise of nightlife. This is probably because most of the towns there have their own amusement centers. For example Houjie Town attracts lots of visitors with its abundant and thriving nightlife. Humen Town which is close to Hong Kong, Chang'an Town-the No.1 industrial and commercial town of Dongguan and Zhangmutou Town also called the small Hong Kong are some of the best places for visitors to have fun.


Our Recommendations:-


One for the Road – (nicknamed “the Road”)

As a traditional English Pub the place features the largest selection of draught beer in town, such as Guinness, Kilkenny, Boddingtons, Blackth

orn Cider, Tiger and more to come. They also have great traditional English food including Sunday Roast every Sunday. The pub includes darts and pool areas and a high-end professional Golf Simulation area and tournaments are played regularly. The outside area is a beer garden with tables and another bar.

Address : IEO Dynatown, Building 2, 1/F, Dongcheng East Rd, (22030001/2)


Source: chinaexpat.com

Musani Pub
Address: located at the Dongcheng bar street
Time for service: 20:20-the next 02:00

Feifan Pub
Address: nearby Hotel Silverland, Guantai Avenue
Time for service: 20:00-the next 02:00

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