Are you planning your gap year or looking for options for seeking employment abroad? There are many options available to you and you do not usually need any special qualifications or experience. Moreover, if you decide to teach english abroad you'll find you have a high salary compared to living costs and you'll be in a great position to save large amounts of cash and have an awesome time working abroad as well.

Venturing down the teaching english abroad option is one of the best decisions for those without experience or much cash and looking for a diverse, fantastic and memorable experience away from home for a year or so.

Teaching English is popular in Asia; You will find that teaching english in Kindergartens (0-6 yrs) or Primary school to be abundant and without any experience requirements. You can interview via Skype in your home country and be away to your new job in little under 1 month.

China, South Korea and Thailand are generally the most desirable locations. With China and South Korea offering the better salaries and easier working conditions – Thailand is excellent for those who who've been before, love the country and have a bit of cash to support you while working.

For China and South Korea you will be able to take home 5,000 to 10,000GBP after a 1 year contract if you budget well, this money is excellent fuel for further travels. Perhaps teaching English in South America or Europe?

If you've never taught before and you're not sure its for you; you'll need to be good with children, or at least confident in order to teach and play with children in class. There's a good level of on-the-job training in both China and South Korea so even if you've never taught before teaching English in South Korea or China is an excellent option for anyone looking to work overseas, even for the first time.

You'll need around 1000GBP or 1400USD saved to get you out to China, South Korea or Thailand; including paying around 80GBP 110USD for your visa, medical and insurance as well as your flights. In nearly every contract you will be refunded the flight and visa costs at the end of your contract. There's no deposit or monetary obligation to pay to our company at any point in the process.


Using a recruitment agency such as our company; Find Work Abroad, is now the safest way to find work abroad. We have been carefully filtering poor employers and selecting only the very best places to work in China, South Korea and Thailand. We look at the management, ability to process working visas, legal requirements of employers hiring foreigners, salary competitiveness and working hours as well as support for our foreign teachers and we actively respond to reviews about our employers from our teachers. Finding a job on your own exposes you to a vast number of poor employers and we only recommend finding a job on your own if you know of the employer via a friend or directly from previous experience.

If you're interested in continuing to the next step, apply online to teach english in China here: for a free no obligation consultation with our trained recruitment advisers.

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