Located adjacent to Guangzhou and linked by Metro, Foshan is an excellent city for those who would like a slightly quieter and less busy city, but with the added convenience of a 30 minute ride to the city of Guangzhou.
Many locals say they prefer Foshan after having lived in Guangzhou because Guangzhou is too busy and expensive. Foshan is still a big city though with 5 million people living there.

Although within close proximity to Guangzhou, Foshan remains relitavely untouched by the international rush to Guangzhou. This means prices in Foshan are considerably cheaper and far more reasonable than in Guangzhou, however Starbucks, Mc Donalds, European cuisine and other main chains are prominent in the city.

Foshan is a lovely place to live and experience China, The location is excellent and being on the Guangzhou metro line makes it even more convenient. The Foshan people are exceptionally welcoming and there are a number of lovely places to visit including the amazing Buddah statues at Nanhai Guanyin Temple, and the Zu Temple in the center of the city.

The work schedule is also considerably lighter in Foshan, You'll find a 25 hour teaching week with 15 office hours in Guangzhou translates to a comfortable 18-20 teaching hours with rarely having to be around during the office hours.

Furthermore, Foshan is the birthplace of the famous KungFu film actor Bruce Lee. His influence is strong in Foshan and there are a number of excellent KungFu Schools located all over the city. One of the more famous centers is Sim Wing Club and Martial Arts Centre, in downtown Foshan. (more information about the schools below).

Foshan speak's Mandarin and Cantonese proficiently, you'll find it easy to travel and communicate with the locals in Mandarin and their oral proficiency is good even among some of the older generation. Learning Mandarin or Cantonese are both possible in Foshan.

Martial Arts Clubs in Foshan
Sim Wing Club Wing Chun Martial arts club
Sim Wing Club is located 100 yards from the Rotating Palace Hotel right in the heart of the city centre.

Address: 3rd Floor, 110 Lianhua Road, Foshan City
Contact: Mr Liang 13535844711
Website: http://www.simwingchun.com/en/index.aspx

Yao Bao Wing Chun Martial arts club
Mak Yiu Ming Curator: (0086) 13702917544
Address: 15 Weigo West Road, Chancheng, Foshan (Near the main bus station).

Email: fsyaobao@163.com or artpm@21cn.com

Hong Sheng Martial Arts Academy
Opening times: 9 am to 5 pm
Entrance: Free
Bus numbers: 133, 141, 143
Tel: 0757 83217908

Huang Feihung Lion Dance and Martial Arts Centre
Centre Open From 10:00 to 4:00 each day, the center offers popular exhibitions of kung fu, lion dance, dragon dance and other art forms.
Location: Luzhou village, xiqiao, foshan city, nanhai district.
Tel: +86 0757 8689 6989).
Admission to the museum is cny50 and includes performances.


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