Dongguan is not a touristic city although due to it's historic importance, influence and location there are a number of areas of natural heritage, parks and interesting architechture to visit. As Dongguan is not well-known as a tourist spot, these places are un-touched, usually free to visit (or very cheap) and not busy even during the holiday times.

Our Recommendations:-


Humen Weiyuan Fort, Weiyuan Fort Island, Humen Town, Nanshan Weiyuan (Just at the front of the South-west beach)


The Weiyuan Fort Tickets

The Weiyuan Fort fee and opening hours:

Admission Fee: 8 yuan per person
Opening Hours: 07:00 to 17:00
Directions: It is located on Weiyuan island in Humen town, you can get there by bus No. 228, 323, Humen Bus No.8, 2, or 9.
Phone: 0769-85527154

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