Guangzhou is very international, with a wide range of international chains and some unique places to eat. There is also a range of very cheap, chinese restaurants which are especially tasty and located all over the city.

Our recommendations:

Latin Brazilian meat restaurant, Location 1: Grandview Mall, Shipaiqiao metro station, 4th Floor, Location 2: Taojin Metro, Jian she Liu Ma Lu.

The Latin Brazilian restaurant is a lively place and sure to get you going. With a wide range of buffet dishes just like in Brazil and top imported meat barbequed and carried around the restaurant by Brazilian dressed waiters, you can stock up your plate with so much wonderfully prepared juicy lean meat. This is a top choice for us when we go out to dinner.

Latin Brazilian Restaurant, Grand view mall Source: tripadvisor


Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant Taojin,38 Hua Le Lu, 3rd Floor (Above Paddy Field)

This is one of our favorite restaurants, for a modest 168RMB you can have anything off the menu, including unlimited alcoholic beverages. Selection of wines and Japanese Saki.

If you book and come with more than 4 people you can get special seating around your chef on selected tables. Your chef will cook and perform some interesting displays with oil and fire if you request.

If you come here we recommend coming earlier, 7:30-8:00pm at the latest if your going for the all you can eat option as they stop serving at 10:00pm.

 Telephone: 020-83601371



Tiger Prawn No.548 Hui Fu Dong Lu, Guangzhou Near Beijing Road, Gong Yuan Qian Metro Station.

Tiger Prawn is a fantastic restaurant to go with friends. It's incredibly popular thanks to very reasonable prices and wonderful vietnamese cuisine. You must book as there are always many people queuing to go in.

Telephone: 020-83191277



Beksan Donuts Gangding metro, Buy Now Shopping center, 6th Floor, Zhongshan Avenue, Tian He

Korean owned, Beksan donuts is a fun restaurant to visit with friends. It's very popular with the Chinese and we enjoy the wide range of different foods including Pizza, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sandwiches and Seafood dishes. The prices are cheap as well, 20-30RMB per dish.





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