Deeply influenced by the imperial cuisine of manchu culture, Shenyang dishes has become a unique style of Dongbei cuisine. Drawing on the characteristics of Lu and Jing cuisine, the favor of the dishes are various, salty, sweet, spicy, etc. You name it! Whether you're a visitor or native resident, you should go to the following restaurants that offer the most authentic dishes:


Laobian Dumpling Restaurant


Laobian dumpling restaurant is decorated with unique golden plaques. With red tables and chairs, the restaurant makes people feel like there's a festival coming. It is famous for various kinds of delicious dumplings. Among them, Binghua fried dumplings, Bianxian dumplings and Sanxian dumplings are the best. You definitely need to try them! The Binghua fried dumplings have a great appearance, the fillings is fresh and juicy and the outside is crisp.


Transportation: Take the subway (line 1) to Zhongjie station and walk there.
Address: 208 Zhongjie Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City (opposite to the Rose Hotel)
Per Capita Cost: 75 RMB



Li Liangui Bacon Pie Restaurant


Though not a native specialty, Li Liangui bacon pie is one of the most popular delicacies in Shenyang and local people are obsessed with it! Crisp bread with tender meat and some eggs soup, you will not experience this taste anywhere else. You can have many authentic Dongbei dishes in here, such as roasted eggplant and scallion fried hairtail. You could judge by the visitors that the quality of the meal here is excellent.


Transportation: Take the subway (line 1) to Shenyang station and walk about 10 minutes.
Address: No.4, Zhongshan Road, Heping District, Shenyang City

Per Capita Cost: 46 RMB



Midstreet Freezing Town


The popular midstreet freezing town is a veritable snack area, with squid, meat skewers, milkshakes, bread, ice porridge, yogurt and so on. You will be surprised by the wide range of snacks here and it's like a paradise for food lovers. The most famous brand is the cold drink--“Midstreet Da Guo, which has been popular for decades.


Transportation: Take the subway (line 1) to Zhongjie station and walk for 5 minutes (near Rose Hotel)

Address: Zhongjie Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City
Per Capita Cost: 25 RMB



Baofa Garden Restaurant

This is the only restaurant that can make four unique Shenyang cuisines: Liuyaohua, Liuganjian, Liuhuangcai and Jianwanzi. Basically the raw materials are kidneys, liver, day-lily buds and pork, but don't shy away! The dishes' component in this restaurant are quite large, the liver is cooked to tasty perfection, tender and delicious, as well as being super healthy. The outer layer of wanzi is thick but crunchy. It's nice to have a fresh chicken custard after these meat dishes. The beef is crispy and cooked just perfectly! Once you try these strange sounding dishes, you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Transportation: Take subway (line 1) to Dongzhong street station, and take bus No.147 / 151 / 259 / 273 to Dayuecheng Dong station
Address: No.1, Tianyuan lane, Xiaoshi street, Dadong District
Per Capita Cost: 50 RMB



Guandong compound


The compound is decorated with bright red lanterns, which reflect a true modern Guandong style. There're so much classic pieces in this environment like 50s and 60s‘ furniture and rural heatable adobe sleeping platform. The most remarkable of all is the Dongbei cuisine here. You can taste the most authentic dishes and the chicken stew is superb! You definitely need to try it. Dishes are mainly northeast farm-style, such as stews and various pickles. It is a perfect place for you to gather all your friends and enjoy these unique Dongbei cuisine.


Transportation: Take the bus No.125 / 205 / 228 / 329 to Taiping Zhuang station
Address: No.112 Taibai Shan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang City


Per Capita Cost: 60 RMB

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