Gap year or volunteer jobs abroad are surprisingly plentiful; with thousands of employers looking for people all over the world, it's easy to pick up a well paid and rewarding adventure job abroad if you're willing to travel off the beaten track with a little bit of your own cash to get you there.


Working a gap year or volunteer abroad is one of the most valuable and practical experience you'll ever have, for many, positively shaping the future years of their life. With incredibly valuable cultural skills from working a gap year job abroad you'll be more employable, have a wider range of real experience, have a great laugh and nearly always come home with more cash than you set out with.


Types of gap year or volunteer jobs abroad

Teaching English abroad is an excellent gap year or volunteer job because of the high demand of foreign english teachers around the world. China, is one of the best gap year job destinations and recruits one of the highest number of foreign english teachers out of any country in the world.

You do not need experience and can teach without having completed your BA degree in some cases. Jobs are extremely well paid and the experience you can have on a gap year teaching English in China will leave you with some of the most fantastic memories, friends and experiences you may never have the chance to experience if you were to work a similar gap year in Europe or America.


Best positions available for your gap year

For non-experienced teachers you should be flexible on location, and willing to teach Kindergarten or Primary school ages 0-12 years. You won't need relative work experience and so long as you do not have any criminal record you can be accepted for teaching English abroad on your gap year. Expect to take home around £800-1,000GBP per month (8,000-1,0000RMB per month) in salary, usually after accommodation. This is a lot of money in China and you'll be able to easily live on £200-300GBP per month (2,000-3,000RMB per month) potentially saving£6,000GBP or 60,000RMB in one year.


Gap year teaching english requirements

You should prepare around £1,000GBP (10,000RMB) for your flights out and visa costs. This money is reimbursed at the end of your contract. In addition you should be a dynamic and outgoing personality with appreciation for foreign cultures. Any language skills will come in useful but are not essential.



Start by applying online at as soon as possible. Preferably 1 month before you're planning to start your gap year or volunteering abroad.


Select a few jobs on our website and/or wait for us to contact you with job offers. Complete the online interview, accept and sign an employment contract. Send you passport to the Chinese embassy in your home country with the invitation letter from your employer, then book your flights out to start your new adventure abroad. This process can take from 4-6 weeks.

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