Previously the Captial of China on more than one occasion, Nanjing has long been one of China's most important cities. Located in the lower Yangtze river delta and home to more than 8 million people, Nanjing is an outstanding city with incredible heritage and culture. With numerous opportunities to work in this incredible top-end city we highly recommend Nanjing.

 Since the Three Kingdoms period, Nanjing has become an industrial center for textlie and mint due to its strategic location next to the sea and roughly central-eastern China. With sub-tropical humid and warm climate and excellent paying job prospects you'll certainly be happy with Nanjing as an option to live and work in China.

Less demanding and fast-paced than nearby cities like Shanghai, Nanjing offers a large city feeling, yet a city which is welcoming, culturally and historically well-established and with a great location!

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