Tianjin having been the focus of many large battles and wars over the years has left behind incredible architechture, history and culture from all over the world. Due to Tianjin's location it has long been a city of great importance for trade and many countries from all over the world have built settlements over the years, now leaving behind a fabulous collection of fascinating, valuable and historic architechture which is great to visit now.


Our Recommendations:-

Dagu Fort

60KM Southeast of Tianjin City the Dagu Fort was built to protect Beijing. As Tianjin has been the gateway to Beijing for thousands of years this historic building is of great significance to the city.

Admission Fee:    CNY 10
Opening Hours:    08:00-17:00
Bus Route:    Take Bus No.612 or 613 in Tianjin to Tanggu and Transfer to Bus No.110.


Mt. Baxianshan (b? xi?n sh?n???)

Boundless forest, peaks, hills, mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Mt Baxianshan is a relaxing park to visit. Its variety of animals and plants give the Reserve the reputation as the Green Kingdom. Thirty-five kilometers to the northeast of the county seat and covering 5,360 hectares, the forest reserve is also the gathering place for high mountains and peaks, with 19 peaks rising over 900 meters above sea level. The highest peak, also known as Cricket Cage, is the highest in Tianjin at 1046.8 meters.

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