Shanghai is very unlike most cities in China. It is incredibly international, relitavely expensive and your lifestyle will almost definately take a large chunk out of your salary every month.

Salary guide:

(20 hrs per week, Mon - Fri): 12,000-20,000RMB /month

Training center
(25 hrs per week, Wed-Sun): 12,000-25,000RMB /month

Part time
180-300RMB /hour


Bus Fare: 2-5RMB (Anywhere in the city)
Taxi Fare: * 10RMB for the flag-down fare
* 2.60RMB per kilometer

Eating out (Chinese restaurant): 20-80RMB / person
Eating out (Foreign restaurant): 60-250RMB // person
Apartment Cost: (Non-Central, 2 bedroom, new) 3,800RMB /month
                           (Central, 2 bedroom, new)     5,500RMB /month

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