Nanjing bars are plentiful, fun and relaxed. There are a number of international bars and pub as well as a variety of Chinese bars and KTV's.

Nights out are cheap and fun. You'll enjoy your evenings in Nanjing.


Our Recommendations:-

Blue Sky Bar And Grill

Free pool, the beer is cold and there is a good selection of food available. Friendly staff with many foreigners enjoying this location. There are also darts, Fuzball and TV with sports.

Address? 77, Shanghai Lu, Nanjing ?????77?
Telephone: 86639197


Jimmy's “????”

Pub and Bar, fantastic food and great family service. Jimmy's is a wonderful location for a nice cold beer and some pub food with your friends.

Address: 193 Shigu Lu ???193?????????
Phone: 8679 2599


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