As one of the earliest civilizations discovered in China, Ningbo is a fascinating place to visit. With many temples, mountains and gardens Ningbo is a very interesting city.

Our Recommendations:-

Tianfeng Pagoda

The tallest ancient construction in Ningbo city the Tianfeng Pagoda located on Danisha Street, Haishu District has been a focal point for visitors for thousands of years.

It was said that large amounts of sand and silt was piled up highly for ease of operation during the construction of the pagoda. Afterwards a great deal of silt and sand was left over, so the two streets near the pagoda acquired their names Dashani Jie (Big Sand and Silt Street) and Xiaoshani Jie (Small Sand and Silt Street). Made of wood and brick, the elaborate Tianfeng Pagoda boasts splendid cornices and fine carving, replete with elegance and dynamism.

Admission: CNY 5
Address: Tianfeng Pagoda, Danisha Street, HaiShu District
Transportation: Bus No.6, 9, 518, 809, 825


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