Zhongshan is a key city in Southern-China. Located 1 hour from Guangzhou in the thriving pearl river delta, Zhongshan is a cheap and well-developing city where you will be able to save a lot of your salary or live the high-life even as a first-timer to China.

The population of Zhongshan is around 3 million and borders Zhuhai to the South. Located in the heart of the Pearl River delta and historically has been an important city. Zhongshan is covered in unique traditional architecture and welcoming local people. The city is bustling with life, culturally and economically. With a central downtown developing at an atsronomical rate, living and working in Zhongshan is an excellent choice for the first time foreigners to China.

Zhongshan is a key manufacturing city and is run by a large number of foreign owned companies thanks to it's low prices and excellent location.

There is a high speed train to Guangzhou (20 minutes) and South to Zhuhai (30 minutes) and there are regular boats to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau making all these cities easily accessible even for the day.




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