Adventure abroad teaching English in one of the most culturally diverse and fascinating countries in the world, China. Immerse yourself in a culture so different to back home, experience the unknown, have the time of your life and help children, teach English in China!


Finding a job to teach English in China is not difficult, finding a good employer you can trust is not easy on your own, however this is where we can help you. At Find Work Abroad we carefully check each employer we work with and scrutinize the management, working environment, contracts and all aspects of hiring foreign English teachers legally in China. All our employers have been working with us for a number of years and we regularly have excellent feedback from our candidates.


You do not need any experience nor special qualifications besides an online TEFL you can complete online in a few short days. Coupled with this you'll need a BA degree or higher in any field and around 1000GBP or 1400USD to pay for your initial flights, visas and costs to get you to China.


You will find as you teach English in China your salary is very high compared to your local Chinese colleagues; on top of this living costs are around 1/10th of the costs back home. Many first time teachers save a large portion of their salary every month and can come home with 5000-10000GBP at the end of a 1 year contract.


Teaching English in China involves around 20 hours teaching per week, usually Monday to Friday and a number of activities with the children, perhaps saying goodbye with their parents at the end of the day, as well as Christmas, summer and winter holiday events.


At Find Work Abroad we work with the largest selection of top employers across over 100 cities in China, including a range of institutions from Kindergarten to University as well as a number of non-teaching positions such as interior design, management and director positions.


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