When I talk about the Beijing, A lot of foreign travelers may think of the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven. And those of you may not know, That the Rooftop bars in Beijing are hot spots. Here the bars are filled with a great deal of people relaxing and unwinding after a busy day's work. So, Here it is, I would like to introduce you to the famous Top Three Rooftop bars in Beijing as follows.


 1. The Bell X Terrazza Martini


This rooftop bar is located in Sanlitun, Beijing. Martini has always been completely sophisticated about the location of terrace bars, with only nine in the world and the environment is completely suitable for Multiple friends gathering. Plenty of girls enjoy taking pictures, Here is the best choice. What's more! The Bell X Terrazza Martini's atmosphere is warm, which can relieve all your worries. Here the environmental atmosphere spans two floors, the ground floor of the environment is the chill zone, the second floor is a new world, overlooking the whole sanlitun night scene, there are large booths also suitable for four people's sofa and two small table for couples, very suitable for birthday or wedding photos. In all,


Level: Four Stars

Opening times: 17:00 -the next 03:00

Address: No. 81 North Street, Sanlitun, Beijing. 6 floor of the Nali Garden.




 2. V Plus Lounge


This bar is located on the roof of Red Street, Gongti East Road. The night view overlooking Sanlitun from the top of a dozen floors is incredible. The streets are bustling in the distance, and the car-to-car scene merges with the twinkling red lights in the bar in the fashion block. Here, you can feel the Beijing night "without darkness" city. V Plus Lounge, as the most anticipated high-end trend club in the capital, has the activities of the Fish Line Club every Thursday, where it focuses on the most beautiful mermaid line in the city and brings a visual temptation feast to the audience. V Plus in the course of this season terrace design, the most valuable scene is the star of the head, the summer breeze and the night view of Beijing, which presents a visual feast of the beauty of the Beijing.


Level: Four Stars

Opening times: 20:00- the next 06:00

Address: Top layer, No.3, Red Street,Gongti East Road, Chaoyang District, China



 3. Fez Bar


Fez Bar, is the one of Beijing’s most relaxed summer rooftop bars. It is located in the trendy nightlife district of Sanlitun on the 6th floor of Nali Garden and just above award-winning Spanish restaurant Agua. When darkness falls, this rooftop bar in Beijing is magical. If you are looking for an exotic vibe while staying in the center of Sanlitun, Fez is the best place for you. This fantastic lounge terrace offers cocktails which highly hit the spot, an extensive Spanish food menu with lobster rice and tapas, and a beautiful open air view on the center of Sanlitun. No matter how great a setback we encounter, as long as we sit here and have a cocktail, we will find that life is still very good.



Level: Five Stars

Opening times: 12:00- 22:00

Address: No. 81 North Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 6 floor of the Nali Garden 


About the Top Three Rooftop bars in Beijing, I recommend the Fez Bar. There has luxurious scene and quite environmental to better enjoy for you. Are you ready to come here? Just do it! Welcome to Beijing! Please Drop us a message!




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