Dalian is prominently situated facing the sea, which makes eating seafood essential when visiting this wonderful city. There are all kinds of fish, crab, and shellfish in Dalian, even the local barbecue also offers fresh seafood for all dishes. After a main of seafood, don’t forget to taste the “Dalian old dish” that has local flavors, and is definitely something to try!Slip liver point, sweet and sour yellow fish, braised sea cucumber, roast prawn, dalian shrimp sauce and steamed lantern abalones are allclassicaldishes in Dalian.



Grilled Squid

Dalian iron plate roast squid is very famous, the meat of locally produced squid is tender. After roasting for several hours, brushing some garlic sauce all over; I promise you will be addicted to this dish! Also, wherever you are, you can see the figure of squid and roadside barbecue in Dalian.


Stewed Seafood

This is one of Dalian's favorite snacks. Firstly, press the bean jelly which made by sweet potato starch into small pieces. Secondly,use low heatto slowly fry it until both sides of the skin turns stiffand then add some seafood such as shrimp, whelk slicesand pour soy sauce and sesame paste. Finally, put some handmade chopped garlic andsesame oil. It is crisp outside and tender inside, very delicious. No wonder all the stallsand shopping malls strongly recommend this dish.


Salted Fish Biscuits

In the early days, the salted fish biscuits were a convenient food for the Liaodong fishermen. Later, they gradually appeared in the streets because of its unique taste and then became a famous snack in Dalian. Salted fish biscuits are made by fresh fish that marinated with salt. Putting a little oil, cooking it with cornmeal cake, the kind of fresh fish and corn flour melts in the mouth, the taste is unbelievable.


Stir-fried Sea Intestines

The intestines, Yes! But don't be put off! They get the name because of their gut appearanceThey are only abundant in the shagawa river in Dalian and have high nutritional value. Traditional ways to eat them are variousnormally people washthem and cut them and eat with seasonable vegetables.


Colorful Snowflake Scallop

Scallops are mainly steam cooked in Dalian, and the colorful snowflake scallops havethe most distinctive features. The snowflakes in the multicolored scallops are scrambled with egg whites. You need to add scallop, fans, red pepper and seasoningsto make it more delicious. Full seafood, fresh and tender.


Red Roasted Whole Shrimp

The main material of this dish are the whole prawns. Add various condiments and put them in the pot and cook until the broth is dry. The finished product looks like a blooming peony.


In addition, many Japanese and Korean restaurants exist in local streets. For the best tasting, delicious food, you could go to Tianjin snack street, shandong road food street and taiyuan food street. Here are the details.


Tianjin Snack Street

It is a neat street with the smell of baked squid in the air. The street is full of snacks and shops, and the prices are very reasonable. You can see the figure of grilled cold noodles, lamb kebabs, rolls, egg filling, hot and dry noodles, Fried chicken, and small meatballs. If you're in a hurry, it is a great idea to buy some snacks and put them in a box to save for later! Tianjin street is just across the Dalian railway station.


(Location: Tianjin street, zhongshan district, Dalian)


Shandong Road Food Street

Shandong road food street has more than 100 local restaurants on both sides. There are several large shopping square meals in the vicinity of south China plaza, which make the street becomes one of Dalian most famous dining areas.

All kinds of special foods are provided in restaurants, and many guests are attracted to here especially when the neon lights are sparkling at night.

(Location: Shandong road, ganjingzi district, Dalian)


Taiyuan Food Street

On Taiyuan food street, coffee shops, tea houses, seafood restaurants and specialty shops, all of these dishes are like handicrafts. The various coffees and western food in the cafe are attracting more and more people.

(Location: Taiyuan street, shahekou district, Dalian)



Now you have a good understanding about Dalian dishes, imagine when you hang out with several friends, enjoy the seafood relaxing on the beach. Even a short time in Dalian is enough to relax. Do not hesitate to come here, the romantic capital” Dalian, to feel the charm of the seafood and the amazing beaches.


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