Qingdao is a city of around 9 million people. It's famous all over China for their beer and a popular city among expats. The city is facing the sea and the cool sea breeze makes for a wonderful climate and temperature. There are many golden sand beaches, backed by mountain peaks, hot springs, waterfalls, parks and tourist resorts to enjoy as well.

Life in Qingdao is calm and relaxed, work schedules are non-demanding yet it's still a big enough city to have plenty of foreign influence, international bars, restaurants and clubs.

The Germans were very interested in Qingdao during the early 1900's and subsequently attacked and conquered the city on a few occasions. These days, the city has a number of German streets, buildings and still maintains influence from all those years ago.

Thanks to Qingdao's excellent location, flourishing trade and economic investment Qingdao has seen an elevated growth rate of around 10% yearly for the past 5 years and is now among top cities in China for GDP.

Working in Qingdao, there are many options for foreign employees paying good salaries with a very low cost of living.


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