Zhaoqing has top-end local cantonese cuisine you will not find anywhere else in China. As a well-known Chinese tourist hot-spot, as a foreigner you'll be able to indulge with some of the best Cantonese food at an exceptionally low price where few foreigners will ever have the same experience.


Our recommendations:

Dynasty Hotel (??????), 2nd floor, Western Restaurant
Address: Zhaoqing City, Duanzhou District, Duanzhou 5th Road, No. 9
?????? ?????????????9?
Hours: 7?00AM-12:00PM  
Tel: 0758-2238238

The Wizard of Oz Western Food
Location: Xijiang North Road, Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing
Tel: 0758-2892446

Lisure Islet Western Food
Location: 2th floor, Cultural Palace, Tianning North Road

 Fnsheng Restaurant
Location: Beer city, 50 Kangcheng Ave. Kangcheng Town
Tel: 0758-7783232

Jingyi Unique Riverfood
Location: 1 Datang One Road, Jiangkou Town
Tel: 0758-6663813

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