English has been learned generally and widely around China, becoming a compulsive course and very important subject from kindergartens to colleges, from which we can see how much the government highlights the education of a second language.

Thanks to this, foreign English teachers are in great need in the foreign teachers market. If you want to find a job in China, it's not difficult. And here are some types of teaching jobs in China that will help you have a complete idea about the job you really want.

1. Public school

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Public school provides various job positions for foreign English teachers, where the education focuses on students' skills about how to speak, write and listen, especially to help students pronounce correctly.

The courses are mainly designed to put an emphasis on examining the students to verify their learning outcomes. You can start your class from different interesting teaching activities and learning games.

The education of Public School belongs to the regular school system. So, the duration of working time is generally from Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm and breaks are taken amongst classes. The students in different classes vary from the different levels in the learning abilities.


2. Private schools


Most of private schools are generally found in those one-or-two-tier developed cities in China. This group of students is mainly combined with the kids from rich and educated families.

Nevertheless, differing from those in most countries, private schools in China do not win their reputation like that, because it seems that the majority of the students who choose these secret training centers do not pass the entrance examinations of public schools.

That is why those private schools usually hire foreigner teachers with rich teaching experience. So you have to firstly get your qualification in teaching by local authorities, both of your birthplace and China before you have a chance to work in such private schools.


3. Colleges and universities


In order to cultivate and improve college students' skills of a second language in speaking, listening and writing, the majority of colleges and universities in China are looking for foreigner teachers. Almost all students here are adult and young at the age between 18 and 23.

In these colleges and universities, there are a variety of teaching styles and resources you can utilize to develop students' learning motivations. At the same time, in such teaching you also feel more active and younger when communicating with these thoughtful “big kids”.

Besides the awesome teaching resources and grand campuses, teaching in universities and colleges is in a wide respect amongst the public. The regular working hours are about 10 to 25 hours a week.


4. Business class


Compared with other types of institutions, business classes are not as common in China. But thanks to enterprises in China who mostly has required the employers to be capable of speaking and writing English. So it is also a good teaching job to teach business English in China.

Hence there is an increasing number of management elites applying for the business classes. Part of companies even hire some professional English teachers to teach the stuff business English. The training courses are only set for those companies who need the language skill specially.

That means the lessons of business English are designed for some particular learners, including the negotiating, business etiquette, presentations, business correspondence and other business-related lessons. Explained specially, the salary will be really hansom.


5. One-On-One classes


One-on-one Classes is an online form with the aim of meeting a particular students' need in learning English. The teaching can be held in any place, which will depends on both teachers and students for their own convenience.

The lessons are generally applied by students' parents so as to help their kids improve the grades of English examinations. The class fee varies from the teaching duration, so it is also a good way for you to earn some extra money in your spare time.

6. Summer courses


Summer courses are usually signed up by those students who want a different learning experience from the class in schools. The teaching job will not be long and only last a few weeks.

The payment in such summer teaching will be considerable with some extra benefits like visa and free accommodation.


Last note:

All in all, once you decide to work in China, remember to look for some institutions with well teaching resources and reasonable remuneration. Also, you're gonna make sure your work visa is valid. Good luck and have fun!

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