Sea-food is Dalian's speciality cuisine, famous for Fresh Shrimp. Dalian's tourism has played a large role in developing the local restaurants into wonderful places to eat with exquisit, fresh, local food and clean, modern environments. Dalian is a pleasant, in-expensive city to dine in style.

The best area to go for Dalian's best, and cheapest restaurants is around the Youhao Lu district, where tasty food at affordable prices is in plentiful supply. We also recommend Zhongshan square.

Our Recommendations:-

Wanbao Seafood Restaurant

Famous in Dalian for it's outstanding sea-food. This restaurant is worth a visit, although a little pricey we are still highly in favour. We recommend trying the Stir-fried Prawn or Steamed Scallops.

Address: No. 125, Tianjin Jie, Zhongshan District



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