Nowadays, China is a strong country that with a rapid development pace and a huge and diverse market. As a consequence, more and more foreigners are interested in China and planning to travel to China. Some of them may even try to work there for a number of reasons, most are usually attracted by the high salaries. However, there are still many people do not know how to enter mainland China as a foreign visitor from another country. To solve this problem, following are some necessary entry requirements.

A China Visa is Required

Firstly, to enter mainland China, a legal visa is needed according to the entry requirements. A visa is as important as an ID card when you are travelling in a foreign country, and it can be applied at the Visa Application Centre ( ). There is plenty of information about getting the visa, including the types of visa, visa code, purpose of entry or exit, duration of stay, number of entries, issuing agency, place of issuance, visa official signature, seal, date of issuance and visa fee. Some countries also have a photo of the visa recipient (the same as on the passport), and some also have printed and anti-counterfeiting logos.

What if you want to visit Hong Kong and Macao, which are outside the mainland of China, and then return back? To do so, a double entry or multi-entry visa is needed because you will enter mainland China for the second time. What's more, in the circumstance that you are planning to live in China for longer than 6 months, a residence permit is needed according to the entry requirements.

If you want to get a visa in Hong Kong, there are usually two ways according to the entry requirements: apply in person at the Chinese Visa Office or apply via a visa agency. The former is energy-consuming but economical while the latter is more expensive but convenient and time-saving. To apply in person, relevant documents like a visa application form should be prepared, and you could get more detailed information on Consular Department Office' website ( )

Biometric Data at the Border

Secondly, during the process of entering the border, a foreign entrant should provide his or her biometric data to the immigration authorities according to the entry requirements. Scanned fingerprints is a kind of typical biometric data that is easy to get and check. By collecting the biometric data, they can confirm your identity and it can be more convenient to check your application materials when you enter mainland China. This is done by placing your fingerprints on a scanner at the border gate, your biometric data in your passport can then be checked and verified within a couple of minutes.

After you get your visa complying with the entry requirements, do remember to check it thoroughly to avoid any mistakes. Those unnecessary mistakes can be really bothersome and will waste your precious time and can even induce severe results. It is because that the authorities will do checks regularly, your overdue visa or illegal work may lead to serious penalties including fines, detainment, and deportation.

Yellow Fever Certificate

Thirdly, whether you need a yellow fever certificate or not should also be checked. You could visit the National Travel Health Network and Centre’s Travel Health Pro website ( ) to get help. A yellow fever certificate is a confirmation that you are vaccinated aggainst the yellow fever illness. Foreign entrants whose health condition is not clear can be a dangerous threat to the country, therefore, it will certainly be beneficial to both parties to ensure your health condition in order to create a clean and healthy environment. To make it sure whether you need a certificate or not, you are advised to visit Travel Health Pro website and the National Travel Health Network.

Visa Waiver

Last but not least, in some circumstances and in some places, you can enter mainland China without a visa. When you are transiting through Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu, and Kunming you can apply for a 144 hour visa exemption online via the General Station of Immigration Inspection of different cities.

Hainan also provides visa-free entry to foreign tourists. China has put a new policy into practice since May 1st 2018 that foreign tourists from 59 qualified countries are allowed to travel in every area of the province for 30 days from the date to enter into the province, without a Chinese visa. During this time, foreign tourists can travel anywhere in Hainan but if you want to leave Hainan for other provinces or cities in China, then you have to apply for a Chinese visa. You could also find out more useful details here( ).

The special visa waiver is set to make travelling more convenient for those special circumstances, so before doing so you need to confirm whether you have meet the requirements according to the different local regulations of the specific place you want to go.

Work in China

To enter mainland China, all the entry requirements above should be noted, and applied based on your situation. By following the rules, your trip will be much more enjoyable and problem-free. However, if you are going to work and have a long-term stay in China, for example, teaching in a school or company in China, you must hold a Z visa as well as a valid work permit, within which the actual place you are going to work in and the effective time limit should be examined carefully. The Z visa is a Chinese visa issued by Chinese authorities and provided to foreigners who are applying to work in China. When you decide to change your job in China, contact the Chinese authorities and confirm whether a new visa and work permit is needed. Only in this way can you make sure that your job and staying in China are legal. The local authorities will supervise the businesses regularly. Violation of the immigration laws of China can lead to serious punishment, of which imprisonment, fines, deportation, a travel ban are included. The severe results will prevent your leaving from China.

All the regulations are made as well as put in practice by Chinese government. They do so to ensure safety and stability of their country. A safe and stable environment is helpful to all people's work and development. Therefore, if you encounter any problems when applying for your visa, do not hesitate to contact the authorities of the country or region you are going to. It is necessary that all your materials are valid to ensure a legal trip.

China is a beautiful and promising country with many opportunities as well as challenges. Working in China can really be a meaningful experience which will broaden your horizon and enrich your life, and the salaries are considerable. Chinese people are warm-hearted and hospitable, and they welcome friends who come from different countries. But please keep in mind, you need to make sure that you are working following the law and meeting all the entry requirements.

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