Beijing, the capital of China is an incredible place to live and work. With over 21 million people the city is more than 3 times larger than London. It's now also very open internationally and held the Olympic Games in 2008.

Working in Beijing is fast-paced, demanding yet very rewarding and well paid. Options in Beijing pay in excess of 20,000RMB but keep in mind you'll need a good couple of years related work experience behind you to hit the top-end salaries.

The good news about Beijing is there are a number of options which do not require experience as they will train you on the job. These options, of course are less paid, around 8000-10000RMB /month.

The Original Capital of China has been changed many times and only recently has it been at Beijing. For many thousands of years the Capital of China was more central at Nanjing and was moved to Beijing for strategic reasons.

Regardless, Beijing is still the 2nd largest city by urban population in China and has been a major city in China for more than 3000 years.

Beijing has many places of interest and attracts millions of visitors every year, for example: The Summer Palace, Forbidden City, The Great Wall and the Temple of Heaven.

We highly recommend visiting Beijing if you ever get the chance to come to China and even if you're not living/working in the city. It's still well worth a visit.


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