The young generation, especially those who grew up with electronic gadgets and digital media, watch TV shows, shop, and now can even land a job on their phones. If you know where to find job information and how to navigate work and fast-paced culture, getting a job in China can change your life. And it's possible with the right information and tools.


1. WeChat

More and more employers either advertise job opportunities on News Feeds, posts only seen by friends, Wechat group with millions of offers sent almost every 5 minutes, or launch public accounts designed to publish recruiting announcements. Tech-savvy college graduates opt to subscribe to prospective employers’ WeChat public accounts, like shixiseng520(???) and wait for updates. If you’re looking for a job Abroad, follow our public account: Find Work Abroad for weekly updates.


2. Facebook

Join groups on Facebook. A job posting group discusses and posts feeds about a particular industry or location you are looking for. Get active in the groups by joining in or starting discussions, posting links and other resources to the wall, such as Teaching Jobs in China( or alternatively China Jobs ????( Companies publish a job posting and update the job information on their page. If you see a job post you like, you can click an "apply now" button and then upload your resume on the site.


3. Chinese job sites

Job seekers can build and post your resume directly online. Applying for the positions by searching the latest jobs by category, location and other conditions on Chinese recruitment websites. It provides a good variety of job opportunities for students in big city like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities. These websites can keep you updated to the most refreshing information on upcoming job fairs and intern-campus recruiting events since many employers use offline on-campus recruiting to recruit interns. I suggest using our new Chinese recruitment site, which is full of jobs in China!


4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is partnered with the Chinese app WeChat which is used by virtually all smartphone users in China. You can link your Linkedin profile to WeChat and it will show a summary and even how many profile views you have through WeChat. Before you start to use LinkedIn to hire make sure that your profile contains all the keywords that would allow you to feature prominently in a search by someone who didn’t know your name or company name and is looking to find a China-based position. Pepper your summary with the keywords that will help recruiters and job seekers to find you.


Many students find a job through Wechat. They find someone who was in the Wechat group and ask him to invite you first. When you are there, build good relationships and ask people to invite you into more.

Nowadays, many jobs in China are open to the expats in China like English teachers, designers, models, engineers and sales people. Getting a job in China is a great chance to experience local culture, help you kill your spare time and earn a wage to afford your living in China.


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