Transferring a work permit can be quite stressful especially when your contacts at your current employer aren’t usually directly handling the work permit paperwork – And this is usually outsourced. It’s therefore cruicial to understand what you must do and what the employer needs Not to worry you with when they send a random list of generic required documents.

Firstly, Your work permit must be cancelled – This is not your visa; it is the work permit card with the QR code on the front. To cancel this your old employer must apply on the FEB system in advance and takes 1-2 weeks to get the authorization.

Secondly, knowing the above step; you’ll also need to save an additional 1-2 months on your Residence visa for you new employer to transfer your work permit before your visa expires. This must be negotiated in advance with your current employer, we recommend waiting to renew your visa and then giving your notice so you have plenty of time on your visa for your new employer to transfer it. Alternatively, if you are leaving at the end of your current contract, be sure to let your current employer know 2-3 months in advance.

Thirdly, You do not need a new Criminal background check, OR apostled degree OR medical to transfer to a new employer. You will need a scan of your degree, residence permit, work permit, original release letter (issued by the FEB) and release letter from your employer with red company stamp.

Fourthly, your new employer should take around 2-3 weeks to issue a new work permit, and then you can update your Residence visa before your current Residence visa expires. So long as you have a valid Residence visa you are legally entitled to live and work in China.


Documents list for transferring your work permit to a new employer in China:

1. Scan of your Degree & TEFL Certificates (if not education related degree)

2. Original release letter (issued by the FEB – with Government Red stamp)

3. Original reference letter (issued by your previous employer – with company Red stamp)

4. Scan of your valid residence visa

5. Scan of your old work permit

6. New medical check (only required in some cases & must be done in a designated medical center – ask your new employer where if this is needed)


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