Top Three Rooftop Bars in Shenzhen, China


Many people are familiar with Shenzhen. As the first special economic zone Starting as a fishing village bordering Hong Kong to reform and open up in China, more and more people learn and choose to live their lives in Shenzhen. Plenty of foreign friends would like to come to Shenzhen to enjoy its beautiful nightlife. When darkness falls, it always attracts people to unwind in rooftop bars in Shenzhen. No matter how stressed from work you are, you will still find a way to relax here.

1. Ding Sky Bar


Have you heard of the Ding Sky Bar before? Ding Sky Bar is known for its fantastic infinity pool, And is also the first Rooftop bar in Shenzhen. Lying in the downtown area, you are able to see many interesting goings-on every day with various performances, Such as singing, dancing, swimming. Splendid scenery and lighting... You will be totally indulged in the active atmosphere and relax yourself well. In the pool, It feels almost as if you're in Singapore. In the bars, you can experience the feeling from dusk till dawn.


Level: Five stars

Opening hours: 17:30-00:00

Address:18th floor, Huishengge International apartment, Zhenhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen




2. DEW Lounge

When I talk about DEW, a lot of those familiar with Shenzhen will recall watching the most expensive night view on the longest indoor rooftop bar—DEW Lounge. The environment here is great, showing luxury and dignity. DEW Lounge is divided into indoor and outdoor sections. Inside DEW is the longest bar in Shenzhen, and the VIP room is very advanced. The outdoor section is Shenzhen's largest outdoor rooftop bar, where you can drink the best Whiskey, and watch incredible night scenes. In addition, Its style is noble and luxurious, So a large number of young people usually congregate from home and abroad. What is most attractive? Perhaps the high-quality music and luxury design. When a lot of pretty boys and girls get off the work they will gather here to unwind. There are usually a lot of online celebrities taking pictures here, parties, or friend gatherings. If you would like to make friends, Just come on!

Level: Five stars

Opening hours: 18:00-the next 02:00

Address: 8 floor,3019 Junshang, Shenzhen Bay Section, Central Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


3. Vita Bar


Most popular among young people due to the fabulous nightlife and lots of delicious food; South-East Asian cuisine is more popular among Millennials today. Such as Thai Curry Shrimps, Thai curry crab, Curry seafood cookers, Pineapple rice, Shrimp soup.Vita bar looks huge from the outside, the appearance and decoration is not the same style as the your average bar, it has a kind of quaint fresh Internet celebrity shop feeling, as soon as one enters the door there is a new angle view on light decoration wall, is great spot for taking selfies. It is not only wonderful, but also affordable. The exotic bar in South-East Asia always has a great deal of people gathering. With the free open space and elegant environment. It is not only a wonderful place for sweet rendezvous, but also a quiet place for people in downtown Shenzhen to let go of their hats.


Level: Five stars

Opening hours: 23:00-the next 04:00

Address: Fuhua three Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


So what do you think about Shenzhen roottop bars? Which of the Top Three Rooftop Bars in Shenzhen do you think is the best? I suppose that the Ding Sky Bar is the site to visit for you. Just come on over here! Please Drop us a message!

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