We recommend Suzhou to those who are looking for a beautiful, stunning city, high salaries and cheaper prices without the fast-paced, sweep-off-your-feet theme going on in other majoy cities such as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing.

As an experienced foreign employee, you'll enjoy the high life in Suzhou, at the same time having the luxury of plenty of money to enjoy or save.


Salary guide:

(20 hrs per week, Mon - Fri): 9,000-12,000RMB /month

Training center
(25 hrs per week, Wed-Sun): 9,000-12,000RMB /month

Part time
150-200RMB /hour


Bus Fare: 2-4RMB (Anywhere in the city)
Taxi Fare: * 10RMB for the flag-down fare
* 2.60RMB per kilometer

Eating out (Chinese restaurant): 20-50RMB / person
Eating out (Foreign restaurant): 50-150RMB / person
Apartment Cost: (Non-Central, 2 bedroom, new) 2,000RMB /month
                           (Central, 2 bedroom, new)     4,000RMB /month

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