Hangzhou is one of the rare cities in China which has maintained it's natural beauty and scenic areas. With the West lake's astounding beauty and various buildings, historical and cultural areas Hangzhou is a dream for visiting.


Our Recommendations:-

West Lake

The West Lake of Hangzhou contributes to the majority of Hangzhou's reputation. Offering the city a beautiful, natural lake surrounded by mountains, historical buildings and treasured by the Chinese throughout history.

The lake is a beautiful colour blending peacefully with the mountainous terrain behind. With many waterfalls, springs and caves the lake is wonderful.

The lake has a diameter of about 3 kilometers and a circumference of about 15 kilometers with three-causeways (bridges) across the lake and three man-made islands.

Directions: Take MTR Line 1 to Long Xiang Qiao (???) metro station. The Lake is roughly 200M West of this station you can see it when you leave the station.





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