Mount Lu is a world-famous mountain, which covers a scenic area of 382 square kilometers, it is well-known for its steepness, grandeur and charming scenery. It is a part of Lushan National Park that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. During Summer, it is always full of people when the weather is cooler.


A quiet and peaceful artificial Lake——Lulin Lake

There is an unknown lake in the deep valley of Lushan Mountain, surrounding by a series of mountains, with green pines and verdant cypresses, it paints a peaceful and beautiful landscape. Actually the water stored in the lake is the main source of water for 13,000 residents of Lushan Luling town. It was built in 1955, 32 meters high, 120 meters long and 12 meters wide, covering an area of almost 90,000 square meters. There are two small pavilions in the center of the lake, beautiful and exquisite in appearance, while the inside of pavilions are used as water pumping towers and spillways respectively.




Three Tiled Springs

It is said that you are not the tourist of Lushan if you don’t visit the Three Tiled Spring. Lushan Triassi Spring covers a total area of 16.5 square kilometers, with high peaks and deep canyons.

Located below the Five Old Man Peaks, with a total drop of 155 meters, the water falls down through the Three Tiled Spring is very magnificent and can calm your soul. Recommended to visit during the late spring and early summer, during the rainy season there will be a large mount of water creating a spectacular Three Tiled Spring. With the thunder roaring, the water falls down and it looks like an angry dragon, flying down through the sky! 

Five Old Man Peaks

In the Southeast of Lushan Mountain, there are five peaks from the same mountain, people call it “Five Old Man Peaks”, just because it looks like five old men sitting on the floor, and it is the most majestic scenery of Lushan Mountain.

You can see different postures of the peaks while standing at different angles, the most distinct is that at the Haihui Temple. In addition, the third peak is the most dangerous of the five peaks, it has strange rocks in various forms, and strangely-shaped pines grow on it; the forth peak is the highest of the five peaks, you can see all mountains are small when you stand on it.


Lushan Mountain, one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. In ancient times, Mount Lu was known as Kuanglu, situated in the northern part of Jiangxi province in central China. It has complicated geological structure and various land-forms, valleys and ridges in the North, high peaks in the south and northwest, broad valleys and canyons are distributed in the mountains, that's why it has a name called “the geological park”.

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