Shenzhen is one of China's most international cities. Bordering Hong Kong the international influence on the city is strong. The city is covered in foreign restaurants, steak houses and diners with an excellent choice of top-end food.

Shenzhen really caters for everyone, you're guaranteed to find the style of cuisine you prefer in Shenzhen.



Our Recommendations

Cantonese Style

Yinxing Porridge Shop
Wupi duck porridge in Yinxing has long enjoyed a good reputation. The material of this porridge is Beijing force-feed ducks. After peel the skin of the duck, preserve it with original-created seasonings. When the porridge has been cooked with slow fire for about three hours, put the preserved Wupi duck in it and cook together. Wupi duck porridge gives off a delicately sweet flavor which gladden the heart and refresh the mind. The porridge taste rich, mild, refreshing, but not greasy. You will not want to stop your chopsticks.

Besides, there are many other kinds of porridges served in Yinxing Porridge Shop. The popular ones are seafood porridges like Gaoxie porridge, Niyumeng porridge, Finless eel porridge and Lobster porridge. The game porridges like Pheasant porridge, Partridge porridge and Hare porridge are delicious too. Since every kind of porridge is cooked up elaborately, it is great enjoyment to eat the porridge and the aftertaste will remain in your mouth for a long time.

Address: Jianshe Road, Gongming Town, Bao'an District
Telephone: 7736856, 7737836

Chaotai Beef Restaurant
The beef broth of Chaotai Beef Restaurant, which is stewed tens of hours everyday, is the nutritious soup full of the essence of the beef. The sirloin tastes tender, the beef tastes delicate, the tripe tastes refreshing and the beef meatball taste flexible. Then, try the vegetables in the hot broth and drink the thick broth. You will find that the taste of beef has penetrated into the radish, the dried rolls of bean-milk cream, the lettuce and the dried bean curd. Meanwhile, the fragrance of vegetables dissolves in the beef broth. The mixture of beef and vegetables make them taste better. The thick broth, which assembles the essence of beef, sirloin, tripe and the vegetables, has been stewed thoroughly. It is supreme feast to drink the broth. The famous dish of this restaurant is the beef chafing dish. You can taste the delicious beef meatballs in it and drink the thick broth. The restaurant pays lot of attention on stocking the materials. All the dishes here are made by high-quality ox in China, which taste great.

Address: It is near Binghe Restaurant, opposing Jingfu Mansion, Binghe Avenue.
Huizhou Niuzai Chicken
The Niuzai Chicken, which is steamed by salt and other seasonings, is chopped into several parts and brought to the table. The guests put on their gloves and chaw the chicken happily. The taste of Niuzai Chicken is similar to that of Salt Steamed Chicken, but Niuzai Chicken has more juice in it. It smells savory and tastes delicious.
Besides Huizhou Niuzai Chicken, another famous dish is Yuanzhong chicken broth in coconut. Although the cooking method of the chef is important, it is more important to choose an old coconut, as the old one has a specially deep fragrance.

Address: South Songyuan Road, Luohu District

Hakka City
All the raw materials are stocked in Hakka habitat and they are all natural food without any pollution. All the chefs in this restaurant are Hakka people and the food served here are made by traditional methods. The dishes gather the soul of Hakka cuisine. The featured dishes are: Stewed Sanhuang chicken without soy sauce, Specially cooked Sanbei duck, Self-grind bean curd, Sanbei pig intestine, Hakka alcohol cooked chicken, Stewed fish mouth with Zijin sauce, Countryside pork soup and many other new dishes of Hakka. The prices of these dishes are reasonable. So this place is your first choice of business meals, friends gatherings or organization activities.

Address: Room 1912 Building 2 Pengyi Garden, Baguayi Road, Shenzhen
Hakka City headquarters on Erlu: 82055888
Hakka City branch on Yilu: 82055466
Hakka City branch on Shazui: 83300303

Jinyue Pavilion
The restaurant is gallantly decorated. Guangdong style dishes are mainly served, with seafood is the highlight. Crispy durian cake (???), shrimp dumplings (??), goose liver (??) and steamed creamy custard bun (???) are highly recommended.

Chinese name: ??? Jinyue Xuan /jin-youair sshywen/
Average price per person: 113 yuan
Address: Floor 1-4, China Youse Mansion, 6013 Shennan Avenue, Futian District (???????6013???????1-4?)
Tel: 9755-8886 8880

Liyuan Restaurant
Liyuan Restaurant mainly serves Guangdong style dishes, and chicken claws with abalone sauce (????) and green duck are signature dishes there. Roast food and sea food are another two highlights.

Chinese name: ???? Liyuan Jiujia /lee-ywen jyo-jyah/
Average price per person: 219 yuan
Opening hours: 11:30am–02:15pm and 05:30pm–09:15pm (from Monday to Friday); 11:30am–04:30pm and 05:30pm–09:30pm (in weekends)
Address: Wanxiang City, 1881 Bao’an South Road, Luohu District (???????1881????)
Tel: 0755-2265 5339, 2265 5319

Phoenix Building
The restaurant mainly serves Guangdong style dishes. Recommended dishes there are: morning tea, crispy durian cake (???), steamed creamy custard bun (???), shrimp dumplings (??), hicken claws with abalone sauce (????), Chencun rice noodles (???) and beef short ribs (???).

Chinese name: ??? Fenghuang Lou /fnng-hwung loh/
Average price per person: 73 yuan
Opening hours: 07:30am–11:00pm
Address: Floor 1-3, Eastern Area of Shengting Yuan Hotel, 4002 Huaqiang North Road, Futian District (???????4002???????1-3?)
Tel: 0755-8207 6688, 8207 6338
Transportation: Take bus 9, 13, 41, 212, 225, 238, 302, 317, M 202, Night 12, Night 13 or Night 17 and get off at Huaqiang Zhong Stop (???????).

Jia’ning Na Vip House
The restaurant has been regarded as a supper restaurant in Shenzhen, for its quite nice decoration and delicious dishes. Beef short ribs (???) and assorted marinated meat (????) are two signature dishes.

Chinese name: ?????? Jia’ning Na Guibin Lou /jyah-ning naa gway-bin loh/
Average price per person: 262 yuan
Address: Floor 3, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua Yi Road, Futian District (????????????????3?)
Tel: 0755-8272 8001

Sheng Family Restaurant
It is a very popular restaurant in Shenzhen, serving Guangdong style dishes. Recommended dishes are crispy durian cake (???), young pigeon (??), Huangsha clam (???), chicken claw (??), beef short ribs (???) and shrimp dumplings (??).

Chinese name: ?? Sheng Ji /shnng jee/
Average price per person:91 yuan
Address:1001 Hongling Middle Road, Futian District (???????1001?)
Tel: 0755-8209 5333, 8209 5933
Hangzhou and Shanghai Styles

Jiangnan Cook
Jiangnan Cook serves Hangzhou style dishes which features sweet taste. The decoration there has combined modern elements and classical elements. It is really a popular restaurant in Shenzhen. The recommended dishes are: Dongpo meat (???), Longjing shrimp meat (????), glutinous rice with red dates (????) and west lake beef soup (?????).

Chinese name: ???? Jiangnan Chuzi /jiung-nan choo-zi/
Average price per person: 97 yuan
Address: Unit 499, Wanxiang City, 1881 Baoan South Road, Luohu District (???????1881????499??)
Tel: 0755-8269 1688, 8269 1699
Transportation: Take bus 18, 207, 309, 313, 321, 336, 337 or 366, and get off at Baoan South Road (????).

Yuyuan Shanghai Restaurant
Yuyuan Shanghai Restaurant serves Shanghai style dishes, featuring exquisite appearance and smooth mouth feel. The elegant decoration makes it more attractive. Steamed buns wrapped with crab meat (?????), sweet and sour pork side ribs (????), crackling chicken (???) and reeves shad (??) are recommended dishes.

Chinese name: ?????? Yuyuan Shanghai Fandian /yoo-ywen shung-heye fan-dyen/
Average price per person: 124 yuan
Opening hours: 10am–02:30pm and 05:30 pm–10pm
Address: 411 Floor 4, Zhongxin Chengshi Square 1093 Shennan Middle Road, Dutian District (???????1093???????4?411?)
Tel: 0755-2594 3228
Transportation: Take bus E2 and get off at Science Museum (???).

Liu Yuan restaurant serves Shanghai style dishes such as Steamed buns wrapped with crab meat (?????), braised ham in honey sauce (????) and lotus root (??). It serves business set meal in the noon, whose price is more affordable.

Chinese name: ?? Liu Yuan /lyo ywen/
Average price per person: 150 yuan
Address: Floor 3, Huarun Mansion, 1881 Baoan South Road, Luohu District (???????1881?????3?)
Tel: 0755-8269 1333, 8269 0045
Transportation: Take bus 18, 207, 309, 313, 321, 336, 337 or 366, and get off at Baoan South Road (????).
Sichuan Style

Steamed pork with rice flour (???), fish filets in hot chili oil (???), mao xue wang (???, a unique Chuan dish with the major ingredient is duck blood, the dish features spicy, hot, fresh and aromatic) and cold noodles with shredded chicken (????) are signature dishes in Rong Yue restaurant.

Chinese name: ?? Rong Yue /rong youair/
Average price per person: 91 yuan
Opening hours: 11am–10pm
Address: Floor 4, Wanciang City, 1881 Baoan South Road, Luohu District (???????1881????4?)
Tel: 0755-8611 2188, 8611 2198
Transportation: Take 18, 207, 309, 313, 321, 336, 337 or 366, and get off at Baoan South Road (????).

Bashu Style
It can be the flag of Chuan cuisine in Shenzhen, having several branches in the city. Fish filets in hot chili oil (???), mao xue wang (???, a unique Chuan dish with the major ingredient is duck blood, the dish features spicy, hot, fresh and aromatic), lao tanzi pickles (???), dry-fried French beans with minced pork and preserved vegetables (?????), crab cream with tofu (????), pork lungs in chili sauce (????) and steamed chicken with chili sauce (???) are highly recommended.

Chinese name: ??? Bashu Feng /ba-shoo fnng/
Average price per person: 53 yuan
Opening hours: 11am–2pm and 5pm–09:30pm
Address: Building 405, Sangda Area, 7 Zhenxing Road, Futian District (??????7?????405?)
Tel: 0755-8324 6874
Western Restaurants

Wang Steak
This western restaurant is quite famous for its steak, well-done but very tender. Only set meal is available in the restaurant, the biscuit is very exquisite. The comfortable, quiet and tasteful environment gives customers more happiness to have dinner there. Besides steak in the restaurant, the bread before meal (????), julep (???), goose liver and lamp chop also enjoy high fame.

Chinese name: ?????? Wang Pintai Su Niupai /wung pin-teye su nyo-peye/
Address: Floor 1, Building 1, Hongling Mansion, 1045 Middle Shennan Road, Futian District (???????1045?????1?1?)
Tel: 0755-2586 6333
Average price per person: 245 yuan
There is a branch in Nanshan District.
Address: Floor 3, Yitian Jiari Square, 9028 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District (???????9028???????3?)
Tel: 0755-8629 8729
Average price per person: 259 yuan

This restaurant belongs to the group of Wang Steak (??????), with well-decorative, comfortable and quiet environment. The professional severs there will bring customers more comfort. Madrid thin slices of raw beef (????????), filet steak, sorbet with passion fruit flavor, caramel pumpkin pudding (??????) and chocolate mousse are highly recommended.
Chinese name: ???? Xiti Niupai /sshi-ti nyo-peye/
Address: Floor 1, World Financial Center, 4003 East Shennan Road, Luohu District (???????4003???????1?)
Tel: 0755-2598 1298
Average price per person: 103 yuan
Opening hours: 11:30–14:00 and 17:30–21:00
Transportation: Take public bus 3, 10, 18, 59 or 203 and get off at Renmin Bridge (???).

Blue Italian Restaurant
It can be one of the best western restaurants in Shenzhen, with tasteful decoration and quite nice environment, and the price is also much higher than other restaurants. The appearance of the restaurant is attractive with blue color, a color rare used in restaurants. The dishes in this restaurant are so exquisite that they look like works of art. There are various kinds of red wine meeting different customers’ demands.
Chinese name: ??????? Lanse Yidali Canting /lan-se yee-da-lee tsan-ting/
Address: 9026 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District (???????9026?)
Tel: 0755-2693 6888 transfer to 8022
Average price per person: 430 yuan
Transportation: Take public bus 59, 90, 222 or Night 6 and get off at Window of the World (????).

The restaurant’s decoration gives customers leisurely atmosphere. Open-air seats are available. Some servers there are from Italy and Germany. Pizza and pasta are highly recommended.
Chinese name: ???????? Aijia Lu Yidali Canting /eye-jyah lu ee-da-lee tsan-ting/
Address: G12 Taizi Square, Taizi Road, Nanshan District (??????????G12?)
Tel: 0755-2682 5927
Average price per person: 142 yuan

Gaucho Garden Grill
It is said Gaucho Garden Grill is the oldest rotisserie in Shenzhen. Diners loving barbecue are highly recommended to the rotisserie. Fresh salad, nice desserts and singer’s singing with playing the guitar make it much better. Buffet dinner, roasted steak, bacon and hump meat are recommended by customers having been there.
Chinese name: ?????? Huayuan Baxi Kaorou /hwah-ywen baa-sshee koww-roh/
Opening hours: 6 pm–10 pm
Average price per person:
66 yuan
Address: Floor 1, Taizi Hotel, 3 Shekou Tai Road, Nanshan District (????????3?????1?)
Tel: 0755-2667 6608
Transportation: Take bus 113, 204, 328, K113, K204, Night 4 or Airport line 10 and get off at Haiyang Mansion (????).
Southeast Asian Dishes

Viets Kitchen
It is a restaurant serves Vietnam dishes, such as fried rice noodles with raw beef (?????), Vietnam spring roll (????), shrimp cake (????) and Thailand style chicken claw (????).
Chinese name: ?? Yue Chu /youair choo/
Average price per person: 35 yuan
Opening hours: 10:30am–10:30pm
Transportation: Take bus 1, 12, 101, 203, 302 or E8 and get off at International Trade Subway Station (?????).

Yes Tai
Yes Thai mainly serves Thailand style dishes, with the signature dish are dishes cooked with curry. Unique dishes can be curry crab (???), curry beef (????), stir-fired curry shrimp (?????) and Wutou fish (???, a kind of fish only has a chine, and the fish is very tasty).
Chinese name: ?? Xin Hai /sshin heye/
Average price per person: 107 yuan
Address: Unit 517, Floor 5, Haian Cheng Square, 33 Wenxin Fifth Road, Nanshan District (???????33??????5?517??)
Tel: 0755-8635 9989, 8635 9929
Transportation: Take M209 or J1 and get off at Haian Cheng (???).

Mala Papa
The restaurant mainly serves Southeast Asian dishes with rich curry dishes. Highly recommended dishes are Hainai chicken rice (????), Thailand style curry crab (?????), curry beef (????) and vinegar-pepper chicken claw (????).
Chinese name: ???? Mala Baba /ma-la ba-ba/
Average price per person: 56 yuan
Address: Unit 012, Building B2, Jin’guanghua Square, 2028 Renmin South Road, Luohu District (???????2028??????B2?012?)
Tel: 0755-8261 1000
Transportation: Take bus 2, 11, 14, 17, 82, 102, 205, 229, 300A or 300B, and get off at Jin’guanghua Square (?????).


Indian Restaurants

Malay Scenery????
Address: No.3085, Shennan Dong Road, Luohu District (???????3085?????1?)
Average Price per person: 42 yu
Tel: 0755-8222 0856

Spice Circle???????(?????)
Address: No.3018, Dongmen Nan Road, Luohu District (???????3018???????1??)
Average Price per person: 114 yuan
Tel: 0755-8220 2129 (2139 7117)

Indian Meichu Restaurant????
Address: No.42, Zhenhua Road, Futian District (??????42?)
Average Price per person: 63 yuan
Tel: 0755-8332 7822
Muslim Restaurants

Shenzhen has a great numerous Muslim restauratns. We at China Highlights has listed some of the best ones, and you can check out more top muslim restaurants in Shenzhen.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Yunlaiju Vegetarian Restaurant??????(???)
Address: Dongmen Ding Square, Yongxin Street, Luohu District (?????????????4?)
Average Price per person: 58 yuan
Tel: 0755-8238 3253 8238 3453

Yunlaiju Vegetarian Restaurant??????(????)
Address: Mihu Holiday Village, Futian District (??????????????????)
Average Price per person: 65 yuan
Tel: 0755-8289 4181 (8289 4191)
New Concept Vegetarian Restaurant???????????
Address: No.2, Hongbao Road, Luohu District (??????2??????????????)
Average Price per person: 59 yuan
Tel: 0755-2558 5035


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