Recently, a new policy of 30-day visa-free access for 59 counties in Hainan, China has been put into practice since May 1st 2018, where foreign tourists from these countries are allowed to travel in every area of the province for 30 days from the date to enter into the province, without a Chinese visa. During this time, you can travel anywhere on the island but under the new policy you're allowed to travel in the province only and if you want to leave Hainan for other provinces or cities in China then you have to apply for a Chinese visa.

Which are the countries eligible for the 30-day visa-free access?

As of September 2018 there has been 59 qualified countries across Five Continents included in the Hainan 30-day visa-free access policy. They are listed according to the initial as shown below:



Visa On Arrival: VOA without a tour group?

As part of the new policy you are not allowed to enter Hainan with a Visa-on-arrival without applying through a local tour agency at least 3 days in advance. Please contact any Hainan travel agency to book your hotel and ask them to help you apply for your free Hainan visa.

How can I apply for Hainan 30-day visa-free access with a tour group?

First of all you have to prepare the valid passport and at least 3-month-valid travel document since the entry date of Hainan. Secondly, you will also be asked to hand in your travel itinerary when you apply for the tour with Hainan 30-day visa-free access.

After you have made the two well preparations, you can summit your valid identity certificates and your travel plan to Hainan agency, or via a travel agency in your home country. Then the travel agency will help you apply for a visa-free access tour by sending the related materials you hand in to Hainan public security bureau and the frontier inspection station.

What is the entry port for the 30-day visa-free access?

Based on the new policy, all ship ports and airports will welcome you for the 30-day visa-free tour in Hainan. As long as you possess permission to Hainan by Hainan travel agencies, you will be accepted in any port to begin to enjoy the visa-free policy.

Here are the two airports in Hainan, including Haikou Meiland International Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport. An increasing number of various international airlines has been opened. When you have finished your holiday there or just want to know more the airports previously, you can get more information on the official website of Hainan airlines:

Arriving on a Cruise Ship?

The same as the airports, all eligible cruise ships with a stop-off in Hainan are included in the 30-day visa free entry. Add to your cruise adventure with a day in China!

What are the highlights in Hainan?

Honestly, I'm the big fan of this province and have traveled a lot there. When it comes to the highlights of this splendid place, I'd love to recommend you several well-known landscapes, such as Yalong Bay, Shimei Bay, Boao Bay and Wuzhizhou Island.

As a tourist-oriented province, Hainan is specially famous for its incredibly beautiful bays, beaches and islands. So you can enjoy a complete series of sea travel, like sunbathing, diving, surfing, swimming and other water activities.

A great event, the Boao Forum for Asia also occurred on April 18th there, which also accelerated the new policy of 30-day visa-free access to foreign tourists. With the forum meeting in Hainan in order to internationalize the area further and welcome more and more foreign friends to have a great time here.

A small warm note:

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