When in a super-large country with complicated cultures and languages, you will probably expect to feel lonely. Wherever you are learning or traveling in another country, there is no doubt that one of the most difficult things is to look for some new friends in a total strange land. But the insistence and positivity will get you out of the dilemma will drive you to overcome this fear and embrace the local culture. So where can you make new friends in China? It is all up to you.. and heres my top tips:

1. Wechat

Wechat in China is not just a social communication software, which is so important that can be equal to the combination of Facebook, Instagram, Apple Pay and even more. Various subscription accounts and groups that you are able to take part in belong to the Wechat structure. Many papers, magazines and channels, movie and television, and art forums all of them have their official accounts.

You are allowed to search for these official accounts in the place where you are located in, in which you can see what is happening and choose some events that you are interested in where you can make some friends! Moreover, there are different groups you can take part in for event such as fashion clubs, reading circle, night bars and another parties.

2. On the Internet

When you have any problems at all, you’ll find the answer online. To search for some events in the place where you are also dwelling in, and you will decide to attend a serious of parties and gatherings taking place around you. Besides, some places like Facebook and Reddit are great choices for you to search for those online buddies.

Before you come to China, you can get in touch with them on the internet about what place will be easier for you to make new friends in!

3. Language communications

Have you ever attempted to study Chinese? Well, studying the language will be a great chance for you to make friends! The benefits that the language communication will bring to you are that you can not only communicate with fellow expats but also acquaint yourself with some Chinese, and then you will have the chance to know more about Chinese culture and even slowly improve your mandarin.

There are all kinds of language communications gatherings varying from several people to large teams. Diverse language communications with language structures will impress you at the same time. Some of them are expressed in fairly formal languages with prepared themes and serious guidelines. However, people prefer their informal expressions during daily communications, in which they can chat with new pals and training their speaking abilities. Language communications will be accurate for you whoever you are in the city.

4. The workplace

If you are going to work in China, you can ask your employer to offer you to connect with other foreign teachers before you reach in China. These teachers will tell you the truth and details about the city and maybe you could become friends in the future. In addition, if you are new here with more than a foreign teacher, you can together make yourself more familiar with the environment.

If you have some foreign teachers that you have already known and work in the city, you can also invite them to take you travel around the city. When you are upset, you can also find some comfort from and share with them.

5. Group events

There is another great way that you can find some new friends by taking part in some activities. Whatever you are interested in like books, sports, hiking and etc. a group of people who has the same hobby as you may be waiting for you to join them to make some fun in the city, where you can share your ideas and perspectives!

A small warm point:

It is a tough thing for anyone when you are new in a totally strange place. At first, you may be friendless and helpless, becoming uncomfortable in a new environment. Nevertheless, you will find the new energy to overcome the difficulty and give yourself a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the country, in the end, you’ll find you were far stronger than you thought.

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