Zhaoqing is a tier 2 city, in line with Zhuhai, Dongguan and the smaller cities in the Pearl River Delta. It is also home to a beautiful large lake and interesting rock formations making for a peaceful, romantic and calm feeling - Unique for a Chinese city indeed!

Zhaoqing, Unlike Guangzhou and Shenzhen is well-known as a tourist hub and attracts visitors from all over the country to it's beautiful setting.

With a population of 4 million Zhaoqing is not a small city by any means. The local language is Cantonese although Mandarin is spoken well by everyone.

There is rich cultural and historic influence in Zhaoqing and you'll enjoy the cute, historic building all over the city as well as some key temples and tourist attractions.

We highly recommend Zhaoqing as an excellent choice for the newcomers to China as well as those who have lived in a major city and would like a more relaxing, developed and enjoyable city.

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