Firstly, If your BA Degree is Education related, A TEFL is not required. You should not need any kind of additional certification to Teach English in China in this case.

If your BA is not Education related you will need a TEFL to get a working visa in China (But only if you are going to be teaching). A TEFL is quick and easy to complete online and does not require any hands-on training. 

In nearly every case a TEFL is weighty enough to obtain a working visa as a foreign teacher, you do not need to consider TESOL, CELTA or other certificates unless you are looking to specialize in a particular teaching area and this is usually best decided after having taught English in China anyway.

Important tips

For a working visa in the Tier 1 cities, That's Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen you must get a minimum of 120 Hour TEFL. Do not go for the 60 hour course now as the Labour bureau are now actively enforcing the 120 TEFL requirement in these cities. 

For all other cities in China a 60 Hour TEFL will suffice, However you MUST make sure the certificate is issued in a native English speaking Country (UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia). 

Our TEFL certificate

We provide an excellent Online TEFL course with 10% discount provided by LTTC (London Teacher Training College). Their certificates are ideal to get a working visa in China and we have successfully passed hundreds of Teachers with their certificates. 

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