With the rapid development of the economy of China, Shanghai has become the first metropolis in China. The incredible Night view of Shanghai is well known to amaze with it’s spectacular views of the Bund across the river covered in buildings and lights like you’ve never seen before! Furthermore, Shanghai is also a new tourist destination. And is well known for its beautiful night scenery. Most people would like to visit the Rooftop bars when they come to Shanghai for sightseeing. Locals also enjoy unwinding at various bars after work.

1. Flair rooftop

The Flair faces the charming Huangpu River view and is one of the tallest outdoor terraces in Shanghai. The Chefs here specialize in authentic delicacies from Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, China and Thailand, and the specialties of Flair are seafood platter, jasmine chocolate tower, silver cod fish. In Shanghai people not only marvel at the food here and They also enjoy the luxurious night view. What's more, They are really able to relax. Close to the night scene of flair, it is a great experience to snuggle up under the company of friends and partners.

Level: Five stars

Opening hours: 17:30-the next 02:00

Address: No.8 Century Avenue, Pudong new District, Shanghai

2. Tops at The Banyan Tree 

Have you ever heard of Tops at The Banyan Tree in Shanghai? Do you know how wonderful it is? Whether you've visited before or not, You can feel it's extraordinary, and I will give you an introduction. The bar is located on the top floor of Yuerong Village on the Banyan Tree of Shanghai. TOPS, a rooftop open-air bar, has an excellent view of 180 degrees, where people can enjoy the uncovered view of the river and the bright lights of the Shanghai landmarks on the other side. What's more! This Tops at The Banyan Tree is a popular place to watch the sunset. When the night screen has come down, people stroll in the night wind and listen to the light music. The atmosphere here allows people to forget their troubles. There are usually friends gatherings, couple dates, family gatherings, While drinking and overlooking the luxury of the Shanghai, enjoy a good life and lead a positive life. Work hard, live a good life.

Level: Four stars

Opening times: 18:30-24:00

Address: Top floor terrace, Yueyongzhuang, 19 fair Road, Hongkou District, shanghai


3. New Heights 

All over Shanghai, To say which is one of the most attractive terraces, it must be the western-style restaurant terrace--the New Heights Restaurant Lounge. It is located in the third building of the Banyan, and extends to the other end of the dining room. It is made of logs, and the vast views of the Huangpu River, Furthermore, The floor windows and secular zenith expand the space infinitely, giving people a wonderful illusion, while chrome stools and light-colored table made of wood meals enhance the modern atmosphere here, as well as very delicious food and wine. New Heights deals in modern international cuisine with western flavors and divides menus into three categories: land (including delicious Kobe beef ridges), birds (such as roast chicken) and fish (such as Gage fish). Juice and milkshakes add highlights to the menu, while superior red wine and cocktails enrich the menu. At the same time, the lunch market specials have made the new perspective a popular place for lunch.

Level: Four stars

Time for service: 17:30-the next 02:00

Address: 7floor , 3 Banyan, No. 3, Zhongdong Road, Huangpu District,Shanghai

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Some are fast-paced, some are luxurious and noble, some are dull and quiet. I feel like the Flair rooftop is the best spot. If you want to know more, come to Shanghai! Please Drop us a message!

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