Shenyang is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China and has more than two thousand years history. Shenyang is also known as “the birthplace of two generations of emperors”. This city has many historical relics. The architecture is precise, which embodies the excellent tradition and unique style of ancient Chinese architectural art.


Shenyang Palace Museum


Shenyang palace museum is one of the two most intact ancient palace complexes in China. It not only has exquisite buildings, but also collects numerous precious relics from the Ming and Qing dynasties. The palace museum is divided into three parts. The first part is Dazheng palace and Shiwang pavilion; And the second is Daqing gate, Chongzheng hall and Phoenix tower that were built in Qing dynasty. In the west, there is a Wensuge which was constructed in Qianlong period. The whole palace is majestic and magnificent. You can feel the grandeur of the ancient royal family wherever you go.

Transportation: Take bus No.117/118/132/140/213/222/228 to Gugong Donghuamen station and walk about 5 minutes

Ticket: 60 RMB/ person

Open time: 9 a.m. (Every Monday morning is close)



Beiling Park

Beiling park is the largest park in Shenyang, the central area is the Mausoleum of emperor Huang Taiji and the queen. The special feature of this park is the ancient pine trees which have been growing for more than 300 years! They stand like loyal defenders and guard these solemn royal gardens. When spring and summer comes, the garden is full of green leaves and the fresh smell of nature, you can feel the vitality of the history. In winter, there is an amazing snow scene and the whole park is covered by white snow, so spectacular! At this time of year it's possible to Ice Skate on the lake as well.


Transportation: Take subway (line 1) or bus No.136/205/210/213/217 to Beiling Park station.

Ticket: 6 RMB/person(Park) 50 RMB/person(Qingzhao Ling)

Open time: 7:00-19:00 (Summer) 8:00-17:30(Winter)


Zhang Shi Shuai Fu Museum

Zhang shi shuai fu museum is the most intact celebrity former residence in northeast area. It is the official residence and private home of Zhang Xueliang. He was a famous patriotic general in modern China and had greatly contributed to the reunification of the national unity. The museum has passed more than one hundred years and still well-preserved. You can enjoy all kinds of carvings, stone, wood, brick, mural painting and various precious treasures of the Zhangs. And maybe you are lucky enough to hear a touching love story in Miss Zhaosi building.

Transportation: Take bus No.105/113/118/132 to Danan Men station

Ticket: 50 RMB/person

Open time: 8:30-18:00(Summer) 8:30-17:30(Winter)



Shenyang Expo Park

Shenyang Expo Park is the largest annual horticultural exposition in the world. It has 53 domestic exhibition parks, 23 international exhibition parks and 24 special exhibition parks. Many design schemes and construction techniques are used in this expo park for the first time. The most famous one is the leaning tower of phoenix wings. And the Baihe tower is the largest sculpture building in China. Every year between April to October is the most busy time in the park, flowers are all bloom. It is also the best time to enjoy flower sightseeing. The expo park hold different flower shows every month, such as tulip show in April and May, blue flower show in August.


Transportation: Take bus No.168/234/330 to Shiboyuan station / Take Leifeng train to Shiboyuan Nanmen in Shenyang North Station
Ticket: 50 RMB/person


Open time: 9:00-17:00

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