Although we hate to admit it, fake TEFL certificates are growing in popularity all across the world. There are a lot of websites that produce fake certificates, because people acknowledge there's a huge potential market in this field.

Here, i’m going to talk about how they came about, who uses them and the problems when using fake TEFL certificates to find teaching jobs.

(PS: This is a very realistic fake TEFL certificate made by unscrupulous fake TEFL producer)


How did Fake TEFL Certificates get started?

About two decades ago, people found a need for teachers who speak English to teach those who didn’t. There were no requirements for this occupation and somebody felt that needed to change, so they started making sure these teachers were certified by demanding TEFL certifications.

Although some teachers were willing to pay the fees to take the tests. Others chose to buy cheap fake certificates online to save time and money.


What sort of person buys fake TEFL certificates?

The main types of individuals who would buy such novelty certificates include:

1. Teachers who don’t need it or want it

There are some teachers who already know how to teach English to students from other countries, and they don't need a certificate to prove that. Instead of wasting time and money on taking a course, they just decide to buy a fake one online.

2. Teachers who can’t afford the costs

The truth is, a TEFL certificate can cost upwards of $500 to take, which is a lot of money for most teachers. Because their salary is generally low, and they still need to take care of the student loans. So they are reluctant to pay extra certificates' fees.

3. New teachers

There's a lot of English speaking teachers who stay in a country only for a short period. They are there to make some extra money through teaching English. They do not have any plans for future, For them, the costs of getting a real certificate and taking classes may not be worth it.

The biggest problems with using fake TEFL certificates?

Most of the time,when English-speaking teachers apply for a job, it requires them to teach students of other languages, the schools ask questions such as their teaching style and their opinions on the communicative approach to language teaching. If the candidate has never taken any professional test, than he or she won't be able to answer questions correctly. The importance of taking a test stands out. It can help teachers be fully prepared for interviewing or classes.

Another big problem is that more and more schools are verifying the certification by making phone call to the TEFL certification companies. Since a fake certificate is merely a duplicated copy of a real one, there won't be any records from real organizations of particular teachers taking and passing their tests. If schools or governments processing working visas figure out the certificate is not real, teachers who were caught face the likely-hood of having their visa revoked and being deported.



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